3 Best Websites to Find Cheap Flights in 2021

Are you looking for the best websites to find cheap flights in 2021?

Well you have come to the right place.

With so many factors to consider e.g. time, price, class, dates… when searching and booking flights, it gets difficult by the day.

There is no consistent price and even though you have an idea of where and when you want to fly, achieving the best price for these flights is still a major consideration.

Want to jump right to the correct answer?

The best websites to find cheap flights are;

  • Momondo
  • Trip Advisor Flights
  • Google Flights

We have filtered them all the way to the best flight search engines that will provide the best search functionalities and price comparison.

These are the top websites for flight booking that you can start using today.


1. Momondo

This is without doubt the best flight website you can find on the internet.

Momondo is a travel fare metasearch engine used to find the cheapest flights and generate travel information and inspiration.

It is a white label of the Kayak.com subsidiary of booking holdings Inc. with its headquarters at Copenhagen, Denmark.

14 years ago, September 2006, Momondo was founded to find, compare and book billions of flights, hotels and car hires, with 100% price transparency and affordability making it easy for you to expedite your travel booking process.

It is therefore a top flight search engine that has received many accolades and congratulatory reviews by publications such as Frommer’s, Travolution awards, Travel+Leisure, etc.

Momondo’s website is a colorful layout that is easily navigable with a search feature that will filter the results of your search to something relevant.

Its webpage displays information you need to compare prices, flights and flight times as far as your interest is concerned.


One of the main reasons why Momondo should be your exclusive flight research website is because it provides flights with reasonable prices.

It categorizes them in three algorithms:

  • Cheapest
  • Quickest
  • Best

It is so because people’s preferences vary.

While flight prices are perfectly presented in three options, flights are also filtered in various offers and the most popular ones are:

  • Search by individual airline
  • Include/exclude connecting, departure and destination airports
  • View specific alliances


One favorite feature of the Momondo hotel generator is the provided advantage to search for non-hotel lodging i.e. campsites, villas…

Momondo presents the most unbiased search since it does not exclude hotel brands or partners with a specific brand as it is an independent search engine.

Filter your search results by the hotel name and brand to choose the hotel chain of your liking.

You can book a hotel on their website here.

Car hires

Car rentals are part of the booking process which can be draining as they are boring for most. Momondo makes it very easy and exciting by already comparing prices of major brands inclusive of discounts and an exclusion of suppliers you choose to not use.

Momondo’s rank of the best travel search engine is a result of its in-depth search tools, instant comparison of bookings and prices and an easily navigable interface.

Get started with Momondo today!


2. Trip Advisor Flights

Trip advisor’s flight search tool is downright unique due to the fact that it offers review-based fly scores of airlines alongside their fares.

This is a provision of proof that the airline you might choose is not a dishonest refer and is poorly rated.

It is one of the world’s most profitable travel search engines with the busiest research platform which features reviews and opinions from its community of travelers.

Trip advisor was founded in February 2000 by Langley Steinhert and Stephen Kaufer basing its headquarters at Needham, Massachusetts.


Beyond travel-related information, the website also includes links to websites of its travel and advertisers allowing users to make travel arrangements directly.

While it serves up its other websites, it also gives you an option to surface flight bookings site’s {Expedia, Travelocity, etc.} results, so you can compare upfront with one click.

This coveted platform celebrates traveler’s preferred restaurants, airlines and hotels around the world, allowing them to plan and have the perfect trip.

Trip advisor Flights will search hundreds of cheap flights for you – scouring premium airlines and low cost carriers. Other features making it a preferred flight search engine are:

  •  Checking of alternate dates and nearby airports is done for you
  • Flight search filters (as per price and duration)
  • Ensuring amazing in-flight experience that includes legroom, Wi-Fi, free baggage, etc.
  • Unbiased airline reviews

Get started with Trip Advisor today!


3. Google Flights

It is a simple yet powerful metasearch engine that is free of annoying pop-ups like ads and other distractions.

For years, websites like Trip advisor, Expedia have reigned the travel world while paying Google to push their websites to the top of the search results.

But earlier last year, Google launched “Google Travel” which allows a filter through the best and cheapest and hotels.

And nothing gathers huge piles of information like Google hence its popularity, bringing in more revenue than any other travel site while it is still taking in payments from travel sites for marketing.

Key in your departure and arrival airports and wait for the website calendar to crowd with varying prices.

That way you can target the dates providing the lowest fares.

Track your selected dates and make sure you receive updates on your email.

Favorite feature in Google Flights is the ability to key in a larger region instead of a specific destination such as a city and you will still get to view various cities within the region with their fares alongside.

This is extremely helpful if you don’t have a particular destination in mind.

That is however not the only virtue of course.

Google Flights is extremely fast and down-right user-friendly with designs enabling:

  • Discovery of new destinations
  • E-mail price alerts
  • Extreme filtering
  • Flying from different airport
  • Checking of legroom

Get started with Google Flights today!


Conclusion: Best Websites to Find Cheap Flights

If you prefer a more traditional booking and research {which is most definitely an easy preference for all ages}, start out with the aforementioned search engines to give you the cheapest flights that can save most of your money.

They excel at finding cheap flight prices with detailed yet easy-to-use interfaces that simplify the research process.

We would also like to hear from you. So do let us know in the comments below your experience booking cheap flights with the above top 3 cheapest flight booking websites.

Also don’t forget to share this blog post on the best websites to find cheap flights with your friends and family if you found it useful.




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