How to Earn Money As A Kid in 2021 (Age 6 to 18)

Are you looking for legitimate ways on how to earn money as a kid?

Being a child or relatively being a kid is based on high dependence on an adult; it could be either a parent or a designated guardian.

 As time goes by, the child has to start picking up habits and learning skills for self-betterment.

 Amongst those skills are money handling and how to make money.

 Some parents are kind enough to give their children the ‘money talk’ and get them kitty accounts to kick start them.

 In this article, I get to give you a few options to consider if you want to start earning a little something on the side without necessarily depending on your parents for it.

 Let’s dive right in to how to earn money as a kid.

#1. A dog walker  

If spending time with dogs is your favourite pastime activity, then I believe setting out a few minutes off your day’s schedule will not be that big of a hustle.

Besides, the last time I checked they can be Man’s best friends. 


#2. Selling second-hand (THRIFT) clothes

Most people are into thrift shopping. If your taste in fashion is impeccable, you can opt for making a few clothes selections and make these people your target market.

I mean, who would not want to buy stuff from a child with good fashion sense?


#3. Become a tutor

This option requires you to be book-smart.

When you are positive that you can comprehend and explain the selected topic, then being a tutor will be your perfect pick and not only will you be making money but also you will get more knowledgeable.


#4. Poultry farmer

Whoever had the notion of children not having the capability of keeping hens should be apprehended thoroughly.

 I feel that this is an easy job so long as the individual is interested in doing this. 


The individual can choose to keep either broilers or layers.

But in my opinion, having both options will do you no harm as long as you are ready for the work.


#5. Become a car wash guy 

As a child, I enjoyed doing chores that involved me getting into contact with water.

 If we share the same interest then offering to wash cars for a few coins sounds pleasurable.

 It is easy to get to know your clientele if you live in a gated community.

 The advantage of this is that you can do it within your home’s vicinity. 


#6. Create your information products 

I highly recommend Canva for this. It offers a lot of free templates.

You can get creative and come up with images meant for learning; for example, alphabets and numbers.  


#7. Become a party entertainer 

 You can choose to be a master of ceremony or a disk jockey at a small fee in your friend’s or a relative’s event. 

This job is a perfect fit for individuals who are capable of bringing life into a room.


#8. Online writer

As long as you have a computer with you, you can make money off typing a few things depending on what the website requires you to do.

 It is a good option for introverted people as it does not need them to make direct contact with their boss.


#9. Start a YouTube channel 

This is not suitable for people who want quick money. It is a perfect pick for a part-time job.

 The best part of it is that you get to decide when you want to work and how hard you will work.

 To start getting paid off YouTube, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers and a watch time worth 4000 hours.


#10. Sell a course 

Giving out information on what you do excellently sounds enticing, right?

Think about turning that into money by getting people with your general interest and have them pay to learn from you. Preferably it is best done virtually.


#11. Jewellery making 

In this case, creativity is paramount. You can make use of beads and precious stones to come up with your jewellery.

It could be bracelets, anklets, waists, beads, rings, and so much more.

The uniqueness of your end products will determine if you will get repeat business and new referrals. 


#12. Animal business 

For children interested in animal keeping, then this can be very profitable for them.

In most cases, finding someone to purchase an animal, for instance, a rabbit or a dog, especially in the countryside. 


#13. Handyman 

Since children are always on the move, it is best if they are taught  how to fix broken stuff.

With this skill, a child can offer to fix a plumbing or electrical issue under adult supervision at a small charge to help fill up the kitty account.


#14. Transcribe 

This means putting audio and video into words. It requires an individual to have a keen ear. 

The entire conversation has to be in written form.

 By doing this, you get to help a person who had not listened to an interview get the flow of a conversation.

 Transcribing works as YouTube such that the more work you do, the more pay you get depending on the website.

 This job is also an acceptable choice for introverted children because they have minimal interaction with their boss.

 You can sign up for Fiverr today and start making money online as a kid.


#15. Computer/Laptop mechanics

Kids with IT prowess can take advantage of the ever-growing technology and start-up a job as a tech tutor for literally anyone!

This is a smart way to earn money as a kid online.

Many people desire to advance their knowledge in IT hence are willing to pay children for cheaper services.


Conclusion: How to Make Money As A Kid

The list of things children can do to earn money is endless.

The ones listed are only a summary. Making money without a job as a kid is a huge achievement.

Parents and guardians should take the initiative to teach children how to spend and even save their money.

Children become more responsible when taught how to manage their money as they transition into being adults.

 It is a good trait because they will not end up in debt as adults. As much as earning money is an achievement, the purpose should be for appropriate use.

It is simple for a child to get into mischief. In that case, let us all be careful!

Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends looking for ways kids can make money.


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