WPForms Review: The Ultimate Contact Forms Builder

The contact form is the most essential feature of most types of websites.

It is useful for getting feedback from visitors and queries from prospective clients and customers.

This makes adding a contact form to your website top on the priority list.

It is how you will get in touch with your people!

WordPress users have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to adding forms to a website.

The best way to do this is usually using a purpose-built plugin.

WordPress has powerful options but most of them are not as beginner friendly as is WPForms from the very able Syed Balhki, also the creator of WPBeginner, and Jared Atchison.


What is the WPForms Plugin?

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Whether you want feedback from your customers, run a survey, add new visitors to you marketing mail list or simply want to stay in touch with people using forms; WPForms has got you.

This newest addition to the WordPress forms plugin menu is an unbelievably simple yet POWERFUL tool.

It is the easiest and quickest means of adding a contact form to your WordPress site.

It employs the drag and drop functionality removing the need of hiring a developer to create a WordPress form.

This together with a bunch of templates, ensures that even a beginner can create beautiful and complex forms neatly without putting in painstakingly long hours.

This forms plugin also removes the need to hire a WordPress form developer completely.

And if that is not enough for the essential that is forms creation, it has room for users with needs that are more advanced.


The Specs and Pecks

WPForms is rich in features that aim for one thing: swift user experience in forms creation, maintenance, use and operation.

We will now look at some of the outstanding features and the reason they are so important.

  1. Drag and Drop Form Building

This forms builder is a visual drag and drop builder which makes it very simple to remove and add from the various fields. As the name suggests, you literally drag elements, say from the general email box, text box or checkbox, and then drop them on their rightful place on the form. And voila! The form is ready for use.

  1. Prebuilt Templates


WPForms has a number of prebuilt templates that are set to cater for general needs. This puts you at a very advantageous position since one never builds any form from scratch. It also enables almost everyone at any skill level to use the forms plugin without any apparent trouble.

  1. Mobile friendly and highly responsive

It is a widely known and accepted truth that most people surf through the internet on their mobile phones. And for this reason, a form accompanying a WordPress website needs be responsive.

It needs to scale down or up to suit a tablet, cell phone or any computer’s screen.

WPForms does not disappoint in this department. It creates forms that can scale down or up excellently to present the information in the most suitable way, and especially for mobile phone users.

  1. Multi-page forms


There are situations where a lot of information through questions is required from website visitors. This also means that having all those questions in one long form will create a user-experience that is rather hurtful.

Enter multi-page forms.

WPForms enables the breaking down of a long form into several interactive form pages. It also has the option of adding a visible progress bar which is key in motivating visitors to completing the form.

All this can be added to the form with a couple of clicks.

  1. Built-In Smart Conditional Logic

At times, not all fields in a given form are relevant to a user. This is where smart conditional logic comes in.

This feature enables the form to hide or show fields and sections depending on user behaviour and choices on the site. This caters for those situations that need logic to enable crisp user experience.

  1. Safety of Forms

The annoying reputation of spam has been precisely addressed by WPForms. It offers robust options to enhance security.

Notably, it provides two means for user account activation. One is through a simple activation link sent to their email. And two, is the manual approval by the admin in the back-end.

More importantly, it offers smart reCAPCHA options, custom captcha and many more to help keep things on the safe side.

  1. Translation Ready

The notion that the world is a village has never been less true given the worldwide nature of the internet.

People access the web every day from all over the world and it only helps a website to have substantial localization efforts.

WPForms, again, does better than disappoint. The WPForms plugin has full localization and translation support through it WPForms text-domain.

You just need to ensure that the .po and .mo translation files are in the languages folder at the base.

  1. User Registration


The conversion of website visitors to registered users creates a whole other set of uses and needs for a website.

User registration may entail capturing the usernames and passwords, a defined user role and perhaps their bio.

This addon feature can be embedded anywhere on your website which means that visitors do not have to visit default login pages.

It is also customizable allowing an endless opportunity for creativity.

  1. File Uploads

At other times and especially in obtaining user feedback from a site, you may need users to upload specific files.

These can include things like pictures, audio files, pictures, and screenshots.

WPForms gives your feedback form the ability to capture these files with just a click!

This is through its inputs accepting category that can be added to a form according to the website’s and your needs.

  1. Instant Submission Notification

Top on the priority list of WPForms is functionality and operation on both front and back end.

As the website owner, you can set the plugin to notify you each time a form entry comes it.

With just a button, you can have an immediate automatic notification in your admin email.

You can also set it to send a customized acknowledgement message to the one who filled out the form.

This is very helpful where you follow up on leads and customer opportunities.

  1. User Journey Tracking

Up until the moment when your site users and visitors reach the form and submit it, they are stopping at various points on the site.

WPForms has a feature that tracks this movement around a website and provides insight to you, the admin.

This is helpful in establishing which areas need more attention, bad or good.

It is also key for analytics and identifying areas needing improvement or complete removal.

  1. Amazing User Experience

The user experience given by the conversational forms tool is just next level. Turning on this feature creates an experience very close to a face-to-face encounter for the website visitors and users.

This level of interaction offered by WPForms assures higher conversion and completion rates.

It is modern, simple, and impressive, and very similar to WordPress Typeform, but a lower rate!

  1. Entry Management

Another amazing feature provided by WPForms is the ability to manage data collected from the forms.

Once information is collected, it is stored in the WordPress database making it easily accessible from your WordPress dashboard.

You can also manipulate this data by marking it as “read”, favouriting them and even exporting for sharing online through CSV files.

  1. Exemplary support

The support at WPForms is among, if not, the best in the market.

The support team is swift, fast and incredibly informed about their product.

The encounter will leave you aware of their effort and research on the best possible way of assistance in the shortest time, usually less than 24 hours.

Don’t believe me? Just check out their reviews online. Customers rave on and love the high class support they have received.

Other than human support, WPForms is also very good at documentation. A visit to their website offers extensive details on every feature, offering clear and easy-to-use tutorials

  1. Other features

The addons available in WPForms are very extensive and are sure to meet your website needs.

Your visitors have left the form page before completion? No problem. WPForms has the form abandonment feature that collects partial entries anyway.

And if their internet is cut off while filling the form, offline forms will ensure continuity and submission once their connection is restored.

Want more targeted items and information your website? WPForms gives you the users’ geolocation for this very reason.

The forms are also versatile meaning they can be used for all sorts of things. From PayPal integration for payments to fundraising to awareness. WPForms for creating online forms has it all!

It has a powerful survey and polls builder to easily create star ratings, surveys and more while generating interactive data reports for analysis. It can also seamlessly sync and integrate your forms to email marketing services growing your mail lists all the more.

While using this plugin, one thing was clear. The highest priority for WPForms is user friendliness both at the back and front end.

This plugin has a ton of other great features that promote conversion and can even help with the monetization of your website.

With these features, you will hardly take longer than some minutes, provided you know what you want to achieve with any given form.

And with the different pricing plans available, you can request for more features and the creator will indeed respond.

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Let’s Talk Money

Similar to other application products, WPForms offers a basic collection of features free of charge for everyone and categorically reserves the advanced ones for specific paid-for licences.

The free plan is WPForms Lite. It has a whooping eight standard form fields.

The pan also offers paragraph text, email, name, single line text, phone numbers, dropdown, checkbox, and multiple choice.

The free plan is ideal for a basic newsletter signup forms or a simple contact form.

For more advanced forms needs, WPForms offers four upgraded plans;

Basic, Plus, Pro, and Elite.

Basic goes for $39.5/year and boasts more essential tools to create your forms.

Plus, for $99.5/year is ideal for businesses that want to achieve more from their website.

Pro, for $199.5/year which has everything you might ever need to build the best forms.

And Elite for $199.50/year is the ultimate solution for the smartest business owners.

You pay upfront via PayPal and all other major cards like Mastercard and Visa.

To top it all off, there is an unconditional 14-day moneyback guarantee in case you are not pleased with the features and functionality.

You can get the WPForms plugin at a discount here.


How to Use WPForms Plugin

Now that you know what WPForms has to offer and each of the plans, one more thing. It is best to know that WPForms is a WordPress plugin.

To use it, all you need in a self-hosted WordPress site.

To get the plugin, you search for it in the store to install it directly or download and manually install it. Next, activate it and you are all set!

You can see how to install a WordPress plugin here.

The website has adequate documentation and simple tutorials on how to go about creating your first form. Followed by all other beautiful forms.

Final Verdict: WPForms Review

With over 4+ million active installations and a record speed updating period of just four weeks, WPForms is a well-known solution for contact form needs.

It is versatile and appears to have something for everyone.

For the small business, they can apply most of the features, and especially those utilising data entries.

For the blogger, they can grow their mail list by having a subscription form pop up somewhere on their WordPress website.

And for the online business, features surrounding monetization, and conversion of visitors to buyers will serve them the most.

WPForms has something for everyone, literally. It is easy to use, is beginner friendly, and although a little pricey, is totally worth it.

And for that, this plugin surpasses all to become the ultimate online form builder.

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