How to Get Cheap Business Class Tickets For Your Next Trip

Are you looking to travel first class on your next trip? If so, here are proven ways on how to get cheap business class tickets.

There is more than just a curtain separating all the classes in an airplane.

Sure there are the added benefits when it comes to the customer service, but there is more to it.

The extra comfort is always a winner; which always comes at a cost, mind you.

However, there are various effective ways to get cheap business tickets and you are in luck because below are a few travel hacks that will cheaply buy you a way to business class.


1. Be flexible with travel dates

Be open and flexible with your travel dates. Travel when others don’t if it is possible.

Look up for deals during the best month that includes your destination.

If your dates are set in stone however, you can look at various companies and destinations since different airlines have business class sales at different times of the year.

Be open with your options and it will pay off. Literally.


2. Online bidding for upgrades

This is one of the best techniques on how to get cheap business class tickets.

Most airlines offer online auctions that present economy passengers an opportunity to bid on an upgrade.

More or less bid for low –cost upgrades to business or first class.

Choose airlines that offer an auction system to its users using frequent flyer points and cash.

It does not always work but it is a sure-fire way to get cheap business class tickets.



3. Be loyal

If you travel often or are a frequent flyer, you can have enough miles in total to get a business class flight in discount.

Every time you travel, make sure you keep track of your miles as they add up together with their expiry dates.

This is one of the best ways on how to get cheap business class tickets.


4. Upgrade at check-in

Sometimes you might not have enough miles to add up for a free or discounted business class upgrade.

Try to upgrade your ticket at check-in. you can even get an upgrade to first class tickets at a discounted rate if you ask politely for any available upgrades.

This is one of the best ways to get a favorable price for business or first class tickets.


5. Credit card

Using the right card can guarantee a couple of advantages including discounts and bonuses.

If you use elite or airline cards, you are sure to enjoy a lot of discounts.

Other cards will offer awesome awards when you make your first purchase with them, or add points which may be just enough to pay for a business-class ticket.

It is also highly recommended to get a co-branded card for your airline.


6. Travel agents

Before reaching out to these agents, e.g. business consolidators, make sure they are an accredited business with years of experience in the travel industry.

Once you do, either via email or a call, find out if they have any deals because most likely, they do.

Other than business consolidators, there are cheap business travel agents with experience giving exclusive and affordable business class fares.


7. Business-class airfares on sale

Another easy way to get cheap business class tickets is to wait for airlines to put business-class airfares on sale for wherever you want to fly to.

The most effective way to find out about these sales when put up is to subscribe to airline’s newsletters.

You will not miss the moments when airlines will have specials on their best seats and other deals that are offered to subscribers and frequent flyers first.

Another great way to keep up with upcoming or current deals is to follow the airlines you use. Airlines are currently using social media to advertise deals.


8. Open seats

If you are seated at the front seats, close the next class (business class), listen for any ongoing conversations about an open seat.

You could also ask nicely by striking up a conversation with the attendant first thing before you board the plane.

Once you spot or confirm the possibility of an open seat, ask the flight attendant, politely, if you can move. Things are easier once you are onboard though.


9. Buy points

There are so many websites offering platforms to buy and sell points.

Points are some of the easiest tricks on how to get cheap business class tickets.

You will spend less buying points for a ticket than buying the actual ticket directly.

But as much as this works, airlines frown on it and might backfire having you lose your added up miles.

Always check beforehand or purchase these points directly from an airline.


 10. Be polite and dress nice

This is probably the easiest ways to get cheap business class tickets and it does not hurt to dress nice and be polite.

Airlines will always overbook flights to avoid taking chances of some passengers not showing up, hence the upgrade from economy to business class for some passengers during most flights.

Once you are at the check-in, ask politely if there are any business class seats available and you might just walk your way towards the business class.


Conclusion: How to Get Cheap Business Class Tickets

There is going to be a number of people looking for the same tickets but the above steps are going to make you stand out. It is definitely not always easy but it is worth it compared to flying in the economy class.

With the exemplary service and excellent dining topped with the comfortable seats, you won’t dream of going back.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to get cheap business class tickets.

Feel free to drop me a comment if you any questions or perhaps another suggestion on how to get cheap business class tickets that we might have left out.

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How to Get Cheap Flights For Your Next Trip



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