Unlocking Crypto Point Rewards by using your Internet

Are you using Internet right now? Did you know that you could potentially earn crypto point while you are using the internet?

Yes, it is a reality now with a new Crypto tool called Getgrass.

What is GetGrass.IO?

GetGrass is developed by Wynd Network. Wynd originated from the notion that individuals should have the ability to capitalize on any untapped network resources. With this vision, they embarked on a mission to transform the residential internet market, making it accessible to all. They do so by launching a GetGrass.io.

GetGrass stands as a decentralized network employing an innovative consensus mechanism known as Proof of Connectivity for data validation. Miners receive GRASS tokens as rewards for contributing their devices’ unused bandwidth of internet and storage space to the network. They would use this to help with their AI initiative.

Why You should consider joining GetGrass.IO

Here are some reasons that you should consider:

  • Solid Team behind it: As explained earlier, it was developed by a well known company.
  • Solid funding during Seed Period: Wynd has successfully completed a $3.5 million seed funding round led by Polychain Capital and Tribe Capital, bringing the total funding to $4.5 million (ref: Grass raise fund).
  • Large community: take a look at their discord, you can see that they are active and there are currently 67k+ user there alone.
  • Being reward through Grass Point: Just take a look here to understand the point.
what does people say about incentivize grass

Point system and reward points

Let me also talk abit on this. GetGrass introduces an enhanced rewards system to boost mining profitability for GRASS tokens. The updated system incorporates a tiered structure where miners earn bonus points tied to their referrals and accumulated uptime.

Additionally, miners will receive referral bonuses when their recruits achieve 100 hours of uptime. The implementation of an epoch system is underway to facilitate payouts when the network goes live.

To provide miners with better tracking capabilities, the dashboard will undergo changes, featuring dedicated tabs for Rewards and Referrals to monitor progress effectively.

So why wait?

Now go out and touch some grass.

Touch grass today.

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