Understanding RedStone Gems: A Fast Guide to quickly get RSG points

Last week, I introduced RedStone Finance, a modular oracle that puts you in the driver’s seat. Unlike traditional approaches that push on-chain data to dApps indiscriminately, RedStone Oracle Network offers three integration methods, optimizing resource usage and providing greater control over data utilization:

  • RedStone Core: User transactions benefit from dynamically injected data (not through a mass push of data).
  • RedStone Classic: The data is transferred to on-chain storage through a relayer, catering specifically to protocols following the traditional Oracles model.
  • RedStone X: Focusing on the demands of sophisticated protocols like perpetuals, options, and derivatives, our system minimizes the risk of front-running.

Now that you have an overview of RedStone, let’s explore how to prepare for farming RedStone Gems and position yourself for success in the Redstone expedition.

Quick Guide to Get RedStone Gems (RSG Points)

First, make sure you join the RedStone Finance Discord here. Then obtain your Redstone role by claiming and selecting all the relevant channels, including the language channel that you speak.

Second and the most important step. There is story on Discord where one member did not accrue his RSG points as his missed this step. So the step involve you to link your wallet to the Warpy. So

Note: YOURADDRESS is your metamask that is linked to EVM address.

Third, engage in a meaningful way about RedStone on ⎟general Channel. This is the only channel in Discord that give you point.

How much RSG points you can get on Discord?

Good question. For users without advanced Discord roles like VeinMaster, you can anticipate the following points, as per the information available at the time of writing in January 2024.:

  • 10 RSG points per one engaging message
  • 1 RSG point for one reaction and limit to 10 points per hour

Is there any way to boost RSG points?

One easy way but will cost you money is to boost the Server. By boosting RedStone Finance Discord, you will expect to double the point per message (20 points) and per reaction (2 points).

RedStone Gems FAQ

Can I earn point from other Channel in Discord?

No, as of 15 January 2024, only real engagement on General Channel will produce RSG point. See Announcement here.

Is there any Galxe Quest?

Yes, as of 17 January 2024, RedStone announced on its discord that to celebrate one million transactions on Warpy there is a special Galxe campaign where you can claim a memorial OAT ( https://galxe.com/RedStone/campaign/GCEVgtwrNH )

How about Zealy task?

Yes, there is an ongoing tasks that you can earn points and level up. This is very useful to help you obtain a higher Discord role.

What is RSG Ambassador program?

The RedStone Miners Ambassador Program empowers you to shape the future of Oracles Network, offering exclusive rewards like early access, RedStone Gems (RSG), limited edition merchandise, NFTs, and potential job opportunities. You will contribute through creative strategies, spanning from content creation, to social media, technical development, and community engagement.

Read more here on RedStone Ambassador Program from the source.

How to earn more RSG points?

This is another favorite questions raised in the Discord. Here is what you can do:

>> Engage in a deep conversation on ⎟general Channel

>> Keep an eyes on ⎟games Channel and you may get a chance to win big Redstone Gems.

>> Up for content creation? Submit your best article to Hall of Fame.

>> Boost the Discord Server and get 2x of Renstone Gems. Or join the Ambassador program as explained in above paragraph.

Can I spam on Discord to get more points?

No way, you will get ban! Do not risk it; there is an occasion that people get mute for spamming. Thus, be civic and enjoy the good chat and earn RSG at the same time.

Final thought on RSG

I’ve been on the Discord Channel for 3 weeks now and have been learning a lot about Redstone Finance. It is a solid Oracle project that I enjoy the engagement with the community. At the same time, gaining points for potential rewards is a plus. I look forward to welcoming you into the RSG journey with me and hope this blog post helps you in some way. Remember to like and share.

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