350+ Pinterest Group Boards to join to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

Are you looking for Pinterest Group Boards to join such that you can increase your blog traffic in 2021?

How can I increase traffic to my website for free? This is a commonly asked question among many bloggers, new and old alike.

And my perfect answer has always been Pinterest Group Boards.

Driving quality free to your website is not an easy task especially if you are new to blogging.

It can be quite difficult to get people to read your content.

But that shouldn’t be the case.

I have found Pinterest Group Boards to be the best platform to drive organic traffic to a website for free in order to increase conversions.

And the best part is that it’s totally free and easy to set up.

If you haven’t joined Pinterest,I suggest you join Pinterest today and create a Pinterest Account for free.

You can also read the Ultimate Guide to Pinterest and learn how  to drive massive traffic to your blog for free.

90% of my traffic is from Pinterest. I have discovered that the majority of the visitors from Pinterest are individuals that are ready to buy various services and products hence high conversions.

All you have to do is create high quality and useful content that they can engage with.

And the truth is getting targeted traffic from Pinterest is easier than you think.

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If you rely on search engines such as Google and Bing for organic traffic, it will take you between 4 to 6 months before you can get a decent amount of organic visitors from these search engines.

And that is only going to happen if you are applying some of the best SEO practices.

And that’s why I highly recommend Pinterest.

With Pinterest Group Boards, you can start to immediately see results within a few weeks.

If you are totally new to Pinterest, you can sign up for Emily’s Free Pinterest Course.

She is a real big deal when it comes to Pinterest and I totally recommend her course.

Besides, it’s totally free so you have nothing to lose.

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What are the best Pinterest Group Boards to join in order to skyrocket your blog traffic?

I have done my research and come up with the best Pinterest Group Boards for bloggers to join.

This List contains 350+ Pinterest group boards and 18 Facebook Private Groups to increase your viewers, network with fellow bloggers, promote your blog post to SKYROCKET your traffic and GROW your Biz.

I cannot stress how important group boards are to increase your traffic. Pinning strategically to right group boards can give a massive boost to your traffic.

I have personally experimented with board pins and found them to be effective in driving free organic traffic to my website.

My Pinterest Boards also help me drive steady monthly traffic to my website.

Pinterest Group boards combined with automatic pin schedulers like Tailwind will drastically increase your traffic.

I use Tailwind because it’s easy to use and has more options that suits me.

(Use my link to sign up for Tailwind and get 100 free pins.)

Tailwind offers free 100 pins and it is the official pin scheduler for Pinterest.


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Take advantage of these free pins and use Tailwind to grow your traffic.

The sure way to Increase your traffic is simple and straightforward. A strong Pinterest strategy that includes pinning to the right type of group boards at least 20-25 pins and pin strategy (automatic +manual pinning)

When I had just started out with Pinterest, I found Elna Cain’s  Pinterest Perfection Master Class Course very valuable.

The course will help you learn everything you need to know to become successful on Pinterest.

That’s right! You can grab the exact step-by-step strategy that propelled her Twins Mommy blog to (as of early 2019):

90,000+ pageviews/month

30,000+ Pinterest followers

1 million+ monthly views on Pinterest

15,000+ email subscribers

Multiple course sales (and affiliate sales) every single day!

And like many of us she too started with no traffic and no one knowing about her  blog! 

Elna Cain is a work from home mom of two beautiful twins that spends much of her time helping other moms grow their online businesses. She is behind her very successful blog TwinsMommy and has prominently featured on the Huffington Post and the Entrepreneur.

You can get her course here at a discounted price. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER.

Not to forget Facebook groups- which are engaging and have schedules to promote your content every day.

You can also join my Facebook Group here and become a part of an engaging community, promote your work, & grow your business.

Visit my blog internetpearl.com for more info about starting a blog and growing it.



When you find Pinterest Group Boards, you want to join check the instructions on the group board description and follow them. Mostly, it asks you to follow the group owner profile, otherwise he/she won’t be able to send you an invite. Send an email to the board owner with your name, blog name, Pinterest profile link, email address and the board name that you want to join to the email address on the board description.

If there is no email address, then visit the blog and get the email address from the contact me page and send an email request to join the board. You can also send DMs on Pinterest. Sometimes, it might take a while to get a reply.

Email Template to Join Pinterest Group Boards

Hi “Name”

My name is “Your name” and I Blog at “your domain name” about “your niche”

I really like your pins and have followed you on Pinterest

Could you please add me to your “group name “board?

My Pinterest account:

Email address:

Thank you for your consideration

Your name


Good Luck and if you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact me! [email protected]

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  1. Best Bloggers To Follow
  2. Best Of Blogging
  3. BEST Tips for Blog & Biz
  4.  Better Blogging Tips (Group Board)
  5. Blog Babes Group Board
  6. Blog Post Inspiration Ideas  
  7. Blogger Hangout
  8. Blogging Tricks And Tips (My Group Board)
  9. Blogging & Making Money Blogging Group Board
  10. Blogging + Biz + Branding  
  11. Blogging + Small Business Tips
  12. Blogging 101
  13. Blogging Boost
  14. Blogging Business
  15. Blogging For Bloggers
  16. Blogging for Business
  17. Blogging From Paradise
  18. Blogging Pros Group Board
  19. Blogging Tips
  20. Blogging Tips [Blogger Insights Group Board]
  21. Blogging Tips and Tools
  22. Blogging/Social Media
  23. BlogLovin’ Blogger’s Board
  24. Boss Girl Bloggers
  25. Business & Management  
  26. Business and Blogging Tips For Moms
  27. Business, Blogging, Marketing, and Mindset
  28. Entrepreneur Group Board
  29. Pinterest Traffic (My Group Board)
  30. Female Bloggers Free for All
  31. Freelance Fierce | Group Board
  32. Freelance from Home
  33. GIRL BOSS Bloggers
  34. Girl Boss// Inspiration Group Board
  35. Grow Your Blog
  36. Grow Your Blog Today!
  37. Make Money Online
  38. Make Your Blog Well Red
  39. Mind Your Business
  40. Monetize Your Blog (Group Board)
  41. Morning Business Chat
  42. Official Grow Your Blog Board
  43. Profitable Bloggers Group Board
  44. Share your latest Blog Post – Group Board
  45. Small Biz and Startup Tips  
  46. Social Media Super Stars
  47. The Blogging Creatives  
  48. Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Board
  49. Turbo Blogging & Business Group Board
  50. Work From Home and Get Paid  
  51. Work From Home Job Leads



  1. *Saving Money*  
  2. 100+ Ways to Cut Costs Before Quitting Your Job  
  3. All niche bloggers
  4. All Things Money
  5. BEST Money Management Tips
  6. Best Ways To Save Money
  7. BLOGS: Money, Money, Money
  8. Budget Basics  
  9. Budget, Budget, Budget Group Board
  11. Create Job-Free Income
  12. Everything Personal Finance
  13. Extra Income Ideas
  14. Female Entrepreneurs + Bloggers
  15. Finance & Lifestyle Bloggers Board
  16. Finances and Frugal Living
  17. Financial Independance
  18. Freelance, Self-Employment, and Work at Home
  19. Frugal Living | Money Matters
  20. Frugal Living and Money Saving Community
  21. Frugal Living Ideas
  22. Frugal Living, Saving Money
  23. Make Money At Home
  24. Making Money & Saving Money
  25. Millennial Personal Finance
  27. Money Management
  28. Money Matters  
  29. Money saving hints & tips
  30. Money Saving Tips  
  31. MoneyConscious
  32. Personal Finance
  33. Personal finance
  34. Personal Finance Advice
  35. Personal Finance For Canadians
  36. Personal Finance Posts + Frugal Tips  
  37. Personal Finance Roundup
  38. Personal Finance, Investing, Debt, Saving & Money
  39. Saving Money
  40. Saving Money
  41. How To Make Money Online (My Group Board)
  42. Side Income
  43. Smart Money Couples
  44. Thrifty Tips and Frugal Recipes


  1. #Bloggers Get Social Best Food & Lifestyle Pins
  2. #BloggingLikeABoss
  3. **Lifestyle Bloggers Group Board**
  4. [Creativity] Blogs with Brains and Heart
  5. [Group Board] Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle
  6. A Bloggers Group Board
  7. Awesome Bloggers
  8. Awesome Blogs to follow
  9. Best of Bloggers
  10. Blogger SpotLight
  11. Blogger’s Unite
  12. Blogging Passion!  
  13. fashion + lifestyle bloggers || group board
  14. Female Bloggers Free For All  
  15. For The Love Of Blogging
  16. Group Blog Board Share
  17. Group Board for Bloggers
  18. Let’s Blog About It  
  19. Let’s Blog Y’all
  20. Lifestyle Bloggers Post It Group Board
  21. Millennial Mindset Group Board
  22. Oh Blog! Bloggin’ Babes Promotion
  23. PINcredible Bloggers
  24. POST YOUR BLOG Bloggers Promote Here  
  25. SBB Blog Babes
  26. Some Lovely Bloggers  
  27. SYBL Group Board
  28. The Best of Blogging  
  29. The Best of Lifestyle & Blogging
  30. The Best of the Best Blog Posts
  31. The Blogging Creatives
  32. The Creative Lifestyle Bloggers
  33. The Creative Lifestyle Bloggers
  34. The Pinterest Group Board
  35. Top Millennial Blogs
  36. Twenty-Something Career and Lifestyle Bloggers
  37. Whatcha Blogging About?
  39. Your Life Styled (Group Board)



  2. ::Health & Fitness::
  3. ☯☯ Healing Spiritually ☯☯
  4. 6. Health & Fitness Group Board
  5. At Home Workouts
  6. Fitness & Health {Group Board}
  7. Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle
  8. Fitness Motivation
  9. Get Fit – Get Healthy
  10. Gluten-Free & Loving It
  11. Health & Fitness
  12. Health & Fitness  
  13. Health & Fitness {motivation}
  14. Health & Fitness Bloggers
  15. Health & Fitness Tips
  16. Health & Wellness  
  17. Health and Beauty
  18. Health and Fitness
  20. Health and Fitness  
  21. Health and Fitness Group Board
  22. Health, Fitness & Weightloss
  23. Health, Fitness and Skincare  
  24. Healthy Easy Recipes For Beginners
  25. Healthy Eating
  26. Healthy Eating via CrowdifyClub.com
  27. Healthy lifestyle
  28. Healthy Living Tips
  29. Healthy n Yummy Group Board  
  30. Hey Mommy! Share it! Healthy Lifestyle and Healthy Recipes
  31. How To Lose Weight For Free
  32. Inspiring Yoga Community
  33. Kickin it Up a Notch (Health & Fitness Group Board)
  34. REAL Fitness for real women 
  35. Trading Healthy Recipes
  36. Weight Loss & Fitness
  37. Weight Loss Diet Tips
  38. Weight Loss Hub
  39. Wellbeing, Health & Mental Health Group Board
  40. What does HEALTHY mean to you

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  1. Kids and Family
  2. Pregnancy and baby overload
  3. Breastfeeding
  4. Mompreneurs Unite
  5. The Parent Section
  6. All Things Toddler
  7. Kid Friendly Recipes
  8. Newborns, New Moms & Breastfeeding 
  9. Moms Make Money at Home
  10. Boss Moms
  12. Mama/Hustle/Repeat
  13. Pro Tips For Working Moms
  14. Mom Blogger
  15. Moms Helping Moms Group Board
  16. Mom Life (Group Pin Board)
  17. Mom Blog
  18. Mama Entrepreneurs
  19. Very Best WAHM Bloggers
  20. Best of Work at Home Guide
  21. Work at Home Expert Mashup
  22. Multiples 101
  23. Kids- Family – Home
  24. Working Mom Tips
  25. Mom Blogs
  26. The Best Mommy Blog Posts
  27. Casual Parenting
  28. MOMunity
  29. For the Family
  30. Fabulous Mommy Bloggers!!
  31. Parenting and Pregnancy Pins
  32. Mommy Blogger Top Picks
  33. Parenting Tips
  34. The Best Mommy Blog Posts
  35. Practicing Normal Parenting/Mom Group Board
  36. Modern Parenting
  37. Working Mom Tips
  38. Best Pins For Moms
  39. Pregnancy and After Baby
  40. Mompreneur Blogs Viral Board
  41. Best Pins For Moms


  1. “Healthy Nut”
  2. ***Food & Drinks + Pastries GROUP BOARD***
  3. *Daily Food*  
  4. *Delicious Dinners*
  5. *Slow Cooker*
  6. ~Share Your Family’s Favorite Recipes
  7. ♥ Love Drink
  8. 3 Food Community
  9.  Blogger Recipes
  10. Breakfast Delights  
  11. Chocolate ♡ Lover
  12. Christmas Cookies and Holiday Treats
  13. Crockpot ◘ Ideas
  14. DIY From Food Blog  
  15. Favorite Food Bloggers
  16. Favorite Food Recipes
  17. Food Blogger Central Sharing Board
  18. Food Bloggers Fabulous Recipes
  19. Food Bloggers Group Board
  20. Fresh & Saltwater Fish & Seafood
  21. Gluten FREE
  22. Gluten-Free Mains & More
  23. Healthy Food & Recipes
  24. Healthy Recipes
  25. Hold the Carbs Please!
  26. Just Desserts
  27. Life gives u lemons…
  28. Mediterranean Recipes
  29. Mmm Recipes
  30. Mouthwatering Food
  31. Mouthwatering Recipes  
  32. Pie in the Sky
  34. Recipe & Holiday Favorites
  35. Recipes: Appetizers & Dips
  36. Thanksgiving
  37. The Natural Living Group Board
  38. Vegetarian – Vegan Dishes
  39. We Love Food  
  40. What’s Cooking? (Shared)



  2. *Home & Design Inspiration
  3. ✻ DIY Gardening Ideas ✻
  4. 30 Minute Crafts
  5. Best of Pinterest
  6. Best Simple Crafts (from craft bloggers)
  7. Blogger Kids’ Crafts We Love
  8. Blogger’s Best DIY, Crafts, & Recipes
  9. Bloggers’ Best Fall Ideas
  10. Collective Crafts
  11. Crazy for DIY
  12. Creative Pinner’s
  13. DIY & Crafts
  14. DIY *Home Decor * Ideas
  15. DIY Bloggers
  16. DIY Cleaning Tips
  17. DIY Crush Link Party
  19. DIY Home Decor
  20. DIY home decor
  21. DIYs Crafts & Recipes Group Board
  22. Do It Yourself – Group Board
  23. Farmhouse Decor DIY
  24. Favorite Mom Bloggers (Can post DIY)
  25. Get “Pin” Spired With Crafty Bloggers
  26. Get Organized
  27. Gifts in a Jar
  28. Hair and Beauty
  29. Halloweeny
  30. Home & Yard
  31. Home and DIY Group Board
  32. Home Decor
  35. Ideas For Making a Home
  36. Loving Home Decor Collections
  37. Mason Jar Crafts
  38. Pin Your Best Home Decor
  39. Shabby Chic Decor
  40. Share Your Craft
  41. Upcycling Project Roundup
  42. White Decor




  1. ***All The Fabulous Fashions Of The World – Group Board**
  2. *Fashion Desire
  3.  [Group Board] Beauty, Fashion, & Lifestyle
  4.  | Fashion Bloggers We Love  |
  5. All About Beauty
  6. All About Beauty & Makeup
  7. All About Fashion
  8. Beauty – Group Board
  9. BEAUTY – Share Your Best  
  10. Beauty & Style Blogs Group Board
  11. Beauty Blogger Group Board  
  12. Beauty Bloggers
  14. Beauty Bloggers (Group Board)
  15. Beauty Bloggers {Group Board}
  16. Beauty Bloggers Board   
  17. Beauty Bloggers Exposure
  18. Beauty Group Board For Bloggers
  19. Beauty is Everything 
  20. Beauty Tips
  21. Beauty Tips  
  22. Beauty Tips & Hacks Group Board
  23. Best Beauty Pins
  24. Best of Fashion, RewardStyle & Polyvore
  25. Best Of Pinterest : Beauty
  26. Cruelty Free Beauty Products Group Board
  27. DIY Beauty Recipes
  28. DIY Natural Beauty
  30. Fashion (Group Board)  
  31. Fashion Blogger Group Board  
  32. Fashion Bloggers & Style  
  33. Fashion Bloggers Group Board
  34. Fashion Bloggers OODT
  35. Fashion Bloggers Unite
  36. Fashion Bloggers We Love
  37. Fashion Blogging group board
  38. Fashion Frenzy  
  39. Group, Beauty, Hair, Nails
  40. Makeup
  41. Makeup Hair and Nails!  
  42. Minimalistic Fashion
  43. Natural Beauty & Skin Care  
  44. Naturally Beautifully You | Skincare
  45. Skin Care Tips
  46. Women Style & fashion
  47. Women’s Fashion
  48. Women’s Fashion


Facebook Private Group

  1. Adventures in Blogging
  2. Blogger Hangout
  3. Blogger Opportunities
  4. Bloggers Unite on Pinterest
  5. Blogging Babes and Business Bosses
  6. Blogging Boost
  7. Boost Your Blog
  8. Connect & Cultivate with Ivory Mix
  9. Making Sense Of Blogging. (My FB Community)
  10. Grow Your Blog
  11. Influential Mamas
  12. Ladies Blog For Business
  13. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing
  14. Mom to Mompreneur
  15. Oh, She Blogs!
  16. The Blog Nest
  17. Affiliate Marketing Simplified –Work From Home Jobs

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Pinterest Group to Join to 10x your traffic today.
Pinterest Group to Join to 10x your traffic today.

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