How to get Lycamobile Uganda Sim cards and find Outlets

Lycamobile Uganda officially launched their services in Uganda earlier this year in January.

Lycamobile Uganda is a UK based multinational mobile virtual network operator operating in over 23 countries.

It was founded in 2006 by a Sri Lanka British citizen by the name Allirajah Subaskaran.

The company is part of a global conglomerate of companies under the Lyca group and is headquartered in London.

It has an estimated net worth is over 2 Billion Euros.

The telecom company, which has taken the telecom industry by a storm due to its incredibly low data and call rates is already in operation in the country.

The UK based firm, boasts of over 15 million customers across the globe has now entered the Ugandan market and is ready to provide its services in the country.

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Lycamobile Uganda has already established countrywide coverage and all Ugandans can now easily acquire the Lycamobile Uganda SIM card.

So you don’t have to worry about the Lycamobile Uganda coverage.

This will allow many Ugandans to consume their low call and data rates.

You can learn more about the Lycamobile Uganda offers here.

The telecom company that is known to operate as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in many countries will be running a full mobile network and their operations have already started.

To better serve Ugandans, Lycamobile Uganda acquired Tangerine Uganda, another established virtual +mobile operator that has been in service for over 4 years in the Ugandan market.

We can only expect the best from this new firm.

At the moment, you are only charged 3UGX/Sec when calling within the Lyca Uganda network and other networks.

This is one of the cheapest rates in the county.

How to get the Lycamobile Uganda SIM Cards

Are you one of those individuals that often finds yourself asking, “Is there any Lycamobile near me?”

Well I have done some digging and discovered where you can get a Lycamobile Uganda Sim Card and get started enjoying their services.


Here’s how to get started with Lyca Uganda.

  1. Simply visit the Lycamobile Uganda retailer (More of that below)
  2. Request a Lycamobile SIM Card
  3. You will then be required to show your national ID. (This is a requirement for all mobile operators before you can acquire a SIM Card)
  4. You can now insert your newly acquired SIM Card into your phone.
  5. Boom! And you are in.You can then start consuming the Lycamobile Uganda services.

When your Lycamobile Uganda SIM card is activated,you can know view your brand new number by dialing *192#

If you find any challenges along the way you can always get support by contacting the company via the company customer care number 100 or via +256726100100.

I would however recommend that you make sure of the first number (100) since the other number isn’t always available.


Lycamobile Uganda Store Locations and Retail Shops

Have you been wondering where to buy Lycamobile SIM in Uganda?

This is a comprehensive guide on where to buy a lyca SIM in Uganda.


  1. Engen Petrol Station Kiwatule
  2. Payway Uganda
  3. Naks Service Station – Nkrumah Road near Post Bank
  4. Total Petrol Station – Kampala Nakivubo (Kyagwe Road)
  5. Shell Petrol Station – Kampala
  6. Total Petrol Station – Kampala Nakivubo (Kyagwe Road)
  7. Shell Kitintale
  8. Total Petrol Station Nakawa
  9. Mbuya Kinawataka Fuel Station
  10. Engen Petrol Station Makerere
  11. Engen Petrol Station Rubaga
  12. Olympic Petrol Station Mengo-Bakuli

For more detailed information about the Lycamobile Uganda locations around the county please visit their official website here.

It is however important to note that currently you can only top up your lyca SIM using a credit card or debit card.

This is the only way to load airtime on your lyca SIM in Uganda at the moment.

Don’t have a credit card or debit card yet? Read about how you can easily make online payments in Uganda using your MTN Sim card here.

They currently have the best prices/rates on the market for both calls and data. However, like any other company their pricing is set to change depending on the prevailing market conditions.

Therefore  take time to always check their website for any changes in their products and pricing.

Are you currently using Lyca Uganda?

How have you found their services?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Hello, just bought a lycomobile sim card in Jinja at Ug shs. 10,000 but unfortunately the card doesn’t have the free/5GB data as indicated on the cover page. It’s at zero balance. Pls advise. Thank you


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