How to create a Mailchimp Subscribe Form in WordPress

Are you looking for an easy way to create a MailChimp subscribe form in WordPress?

Well you have come to the right place.

The easiest way to create a Mailchimp subscribe form in WordPress is by using the WPForms Mailchimp addon. WPForms includes a Mailchimp addon in the Plus, Pro, and Elite plan which makes it extremely easy for you to integrate your Mailchimp account with WordPress hence growing your email marketing campaigns.

In this article we shall look at how to create a Mailchimp subscribe form in WordPress.


Step 1: Create a Mailchimp Subscribe Form in WordPress

To create a Mailchimp subscribe form in WordPress you will need to first install and activate the WPForms plugin.

It is important to remember that you can only create the MailChimp subscribe form in WordPress using the premium plan of WPForms.

You can get the WPForms plugin here.

You can also see how to install and activate a WordPress plugin here.

Once you have installed and activated the WPForms plugin, head over to WPForms » Addons » Mailchimp Addon.

Now install and active the Mailchimp Addon.


Then head over to WPForms » Add New to create a new form.

Now name your form and then select the Newsletter signup form template.


A simple Newsletter Signup form will then be created.

You will have the ability to make any necessary changes to your form as you deem fit.


To add any additional fields simply choose your preferred field from the standard fields shown on the left hand panel and then drag it to the right hand panel.

You can also alter the arrangements of the fields on your Mailchimp subscribe form by simply dragging a field from one point to another.

If you want to make any changes on a filed, just click on the particular field and then make all necessary changes.

Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking the Save button at the top.

WPForms makes it very easy to customize your forms according to your marketing needs and requirements.



WPForms also makes complying with GDPR laws very easy when creating your Mailchimp subscribe form.

Adding a GDPR agreement field to your  Mailchimp subscribe form will ensure your form is in compliance with GDPR laws.

It will also give your visitors the opportunity to agree to storage of their personal information such as email addresses and allow you to send them email marketing materials.


To use the GDPR form field, simply go to WPForms » Settings and click on the GDPR Enhancements checkbox.


Enabling the GDPR Enhancement feature in WPForms will allow you to;

  • Disable user cookies
  • Disable user details, which includes IP addresses and User Agent data
  • Access the GDPR form field for your WordPress forms

Don’t forget to click the Save button once you’re done customizing your form.

You can also change the language of your GDPR form filed by clicking on the form field.


Step 2: Connecting your Form to Mailchimp

To connect your newsletter signup form to Mailchimp, go to Marketing » Mailchimp.



Then click on Add New Connection.


A pop up will then prompt you to name the new connection.

You can give the new connection any name of your choice since it is only for internal use and will not be displayed on the frontend.


Once you have given your new connection a name, you will be required to enter your Mailchimp API key on the next screen.

You can get your Mailchimp API key by signing into your Mailchimp account.

Next head over to Your Profile » Extras » API Keys.


Now simply Copy and paste your Mailchimp API Key into WPForms and then click on Add New Connection to confirm.


Now after you add your API key into WPForms do the following;

  • Select your Mailchimp account
  • Pick the email list you want people to be added to when they subscribe
  • Click on the Email Address dropdown, and any other form fields you want added to your Mailchimp account when someone subscribes
  • Enable conditional logic if it applies to your form
  • Enable the double optin option if you want


You can also allow your website visitors to choose particular mailings lists they would like to join.

Check out this guide by WPForms on how to let users pick a mailing list.


Once all the settings have been properly configured click Save.


Step 3: Set Up Subscribe Form Notifications

It is important that you keep updated on any important activities on your forms.


This can easily be done using WPForms which allows you to send notifications to yourself or a member of your team each time your subscribe form is submitted on your website.

You can also use Smart tags to notify your website visitors that their form has been received.

We shall look at more of that in the next step.



Step 4: Configure Subscribe Form Notifications.

You can also set up subscribe form notifications such that once your website visitors fill out a form they are immediately notified once it is submitted.

This helps with reassuring your web visitors that their forms have actually been submitted.


You can see how to set up form notifications here.


Step 5: Add Your Mailchimp Subscribe Form to Your Site

Now that you already have a Mailchimp subscribe form, it is time to add it to your website.

You can easily add your subscribe form to different locations on your website such as posts, pages and even the sidebar.

The Classic editor and Gutenberg editor both have an Add Form option which makes it easy to add a form anywhere in your posts or pages.

You can also use short codes to add your Mailchimp subscribe form to your sidebar.

For instance, if you want to add a Mailchimp subscribe form to a post in WordPress, simply click on Add New Post.

Once you have added a new post then click on the Add New Form button.

A dropdown menu will appear and then you can select your Mailchimp subscribe form from the list and add it in your blog post.


Then hit the Publish button to make your form visible on the frontend.



Conclusion: How to Create a Mailchimp Subscribe form in WordPress

Creating a Mailchimp subscribe form in WordPress is an extremely simple task that will not only help you generate more leads but also increase sales on your blog.

So if you haven’t already set up your Mailchimp subscribe form in WordPress I suggest you do so now.

Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family if you found it helpful.








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