Couples Bucket list: 100+ Fun Activities and things to do

Relationships are like plants, you have to nurture and take care of them if you want them to thrive and flourish.

It is important that you keep the spark between you and your partner alive and what better way to do than using a couples bucket list.

As time goes by, many couples find themselves in a crazy rut where everything around them become mere routine.

Many will find it very difficult to plan for amazing quality time together which can eventually hurt the relationship as the spark and chemistry that once existed between you starts to slowly fade away.

These bucket list ideas for couples will help you keep the bond between you strong as you connect and spend more time together.


  1. Ask Someone on a Date
  2. Ask Someone to Dance
  3. Take a picture kissing
  4. Ask Someone to Prom
  5. Ask Your Spouse 20 Questions to Get to
  6. Know them Deeper
  7. Attend a Baby Shower
  8. Be a Bridesmaid
  9. Be a Maid of Honor
  10. Be Kissed at Midnight on NYE
  11. Be the Matchmaker for a Couple
  12. Be there for a baby’s first step
  13. Become a Parent
  14. Build Something to Leave for Your Kids
  15. Catch the bride’s bouquet
  16. Confess Your Love
  17. Contact Someone with Your Own Name
  18. Cover the Bed in Rose Petals
  19. Create a New Family Tradition
  20. Date a Doctor
  21. Date a Foreigner
  22. Date a Model
  23. Date a Red Head
  24. Devote an Entire Day to Sex
  25. Do a Boudoir Photo Shoot
  26. Do a Spaghetti Kiss
  27. Do a Strip Tease
  28. Experience True Love
  29. Fall Asleep in Your Lovers Arms
  30. Fall in Love
  31. Find my Best Friend from High School
  32. Find Your First Love
  33. Forgive Someone
  34. Get a Couples Massage
  35. Get a DNA Test
  36. Get a Lap Dance
  37. Get a Mistletoe Kiss
  38. Get a New Year’s Eve Kiss
  39. Get Engaged
  40. Get Married
  41. Get Matching Tattoos
  42. Get Over a Broken Heart
  43. Get the Life Story of a Grandparent
  44. Give a Eulogy
  45. Give a Lap Dance
  46. Go on a Blind Date
  47. Get married
  48. Go on a Double Date
  49. Go on a First Date That Involves a Plane
  50. Go on a Romantic Getaway
  51. Google All Your Old Relationships
  52. Grow Old Together
  53. Have a Ménage a Trois
  54. Have a “Tingly” Kiss
  55. Have a Candle Lit Dinner
  56. Get engaged
  57. Stay in an overwater bungalow
  58. Have a Destination Wedding
  59. Have a Friend in a Different Country
  60. Have a Game Night Marathon
  61. Have a Lifelong Friend
  62. Have a Long Term Relationship
  63. Have a Make out Session
  64. Have a Meaningful Conversation with a Stranger
  65. Help out a Stranger
  66. Sit by the fire and snuggle
  67. Renovate a room in your home together
  68. Add a love lock to a bridge
  69. Have a romantic picnic in the park
  70. Go the farmers market together
  71. Cook together in the kitchen
  72. Have dance parties to a CD of songs you guys love
  73. Do a water balloon fight in your backyard
  74. Watch each other’s favorite movies
  75. Write each other love letters
  76. Make your significant other feel extra special on their birthday
  77. Create a vision board for your future
  78. Play pranks on mutual friends for laughs
  79. Sing a karaoke duet
  80. Send flirty texts
  81. Take a road trip together in a convertible
  82. Kiss on Top of a Ferris wheel
  83. Take a sailing trip



  1. Have a Pen Pal in a Different Country
  2. Have a Secret Admirer
  3. Have a Stranger Buy a Drink for You
  4. Have a Summer Romance
  5. Visit the place you had your first kiss
  6. Have a Unique Proposal
  7. Have an Unforgettable One Night Stand
  8. Have Children
  9. Have Grandchildren
  10. Have Sex in a Car
  11. Have Sex in the Shower
  12. Have Sex on the Beach
  13. Have the Ultimate Girls Weekend
  14. Host a Family Reunion
  15. Host Friendsgiving
  16. Hunt down Your Crush
  17. Kiss a Stranger
  18. Kiss in the Rain
  19. Kiss on Top of a Ferris wheel
  20. Kiss under the Stars
  21. Live Happily Ever After
  22. Make a New Friend
  23. Make Friends with a Telemarketer
  24. Make Friendship Bracelets
  25. Make Love in Every Room
  26. Marry Your Best Friend
  27. Meet a Blog Reader in Person
  28. Meet a World Leader
  29. Meet Someone Famous
  30. Meet someone who is Royalty
  31. Meet the President
  32. Organize a Family Portrait
  33. Plan a Date Night with Your Spouse
  34. Play Spin the Bottle
  35. Play Strip Poker
  36. Reconnect with an Old Friend
  37. Renew Your Wedding Vows
  38. Research the Origins of your Surname
  39. Research Your Family Tree
  40. Say “I Love You”
  41. Seduce Someone
  42. Share a Cab with a Stranger
  43. Share Breakfast in Bed
  44. Sing a Karaoke Duet
  45. Sleep with Someone 10 Years Older than You
  46. Sleep with Someone 10 Years Younger than You
  47. Sleep with Someone at Work
  48. Slow Dance
  49. Spend Time with a Person from another Generation
  50. Stay up all Night Talking
  51. Take a Kissing Selfie
  52. Tell Your Parents You Love Them
  53. Try a Dating App
  54. Visit your Childhood Home
  55. Wake Up in the Arms of Someone You Love
  56. Witness a Marriage Proposal
  57. Write a Love Note with Lipstick on the Bathroom Mirror
  58. Write Your Own Vows
  59. Write Your Parents a Letter to Tell Them Everything They Did Right
  60. Have champagne and fresh fruit for breakfast
  61. Make a date jar for when you are feeling spontaneous
  62. Kiss underwater
  63. Go skydiving together
  64. See the tree lighting in New York at Christmas
  65. Cook Thanksgiving at your home and invite the family or host a Friendsgiving
  66. Take weekend trips to cool bed and breakfasts in your state
  67. Go on a food tour
  68. Learn a new language together
  69. Canoe together in a local pond or lake
  70. Try a new restaurant each week
  71. Share a milkshake with two straws
  72. Drive Route 66
  73. Get dressed up real fancy for a night on the town
  74. Go to a sporting event
  75. Take a hayride
  76. Bake Christmas cookies together and decorate
  77. Go camping and sleep under the stars
  78. Have a water gun fight
  79. Picnic
  80. Make S’mores
  81. Visit a Garden
  82. Play Corn Hole
  83. Stargaze
  84. Have a scenic Drive
  85. Relax in Hammock
  86. Attend a Concert together
  87. Watch the Sunset
  88. Write Love letters to each other
  89. Take a Day Trip
  90. Beer/Wine Tasting
  91. Go for a Hike
  92. Play Basketball
  93. Fly a Kite
  94. Take a Couples’ Massage
  95. Go to an Amusement Park
  96. Watch Fireworks
  97. Recreate your First Date
  98. 128.Have dinner outside
  99. 129.Relax in the Poolside
  100. Food Truck Rodeo
  101. Have a Fancy Breakfast
  102. Go Boating


Conclusion: Couples Bucket List

It is important to keep the flame in any relationship alive and the best way to do that is to engage in fun activities together as a couple.

Some of these bucket list ideas for couples should help you get started on your journey as a couple.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What bucket list idea are you going to try out with your partner?

Let me know in the comments below.

Also share this couples bucket list with your friends and family.


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