Easy and Secure Authorize.net Form Solution [WPForms]

Regardless of the payment platform you decide to use on your website, the ability to make online payments should be without any hassle.

Therefore, for the benefit of the entire world, we gladly introduce the Authorize.net add-on.

Good news is that, right on your WordPress website, you can set up an Authorize.net payment form that accepts all credit cards.

Here are the advantages of having this new add on associated with your account.


The Best Way to Accept Payments Online

If you are looking for simple methods of integrating online payment plans, WPForms + Authorize.Net integrationt is the best.

It is your right plug for merchant services. WPForms is a solution provider that processes payments of billion online transactions executed by over half a million merchant clients.

The availability of the Authorize.net add-on has made it easier to accept credit card payments for your website transactions using WPForms.

The integration of Authorize.net + WPForms results in the provision of terrific features which are flexible to use for the efficient running of your online business.


Some of the vital features associated with the add-on are:

  • Possibility of accepting all online card transactions.
  • Zero difficulty with activation.
  • Accepts payments on all devices, even mobile phones provided you are connected to the internet.
  • To ensure that your payment forms convert better and act smarter, enable Conditional Logic.
  • Availability of a customized Authorize.net’s advanced fraud detector.
  • You can transact business or render services with recurring or single payment options.



How to create Payment Forms for Authorize.net

When you make some clicks, you can accept online donations or orders on your website. To enjoy the most out of Authorize.net, we decided to enlighten you on how to create payment forms in WordPress.

The WPForms plugin integrates with PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.net to create easy payment forms. You can easily create WordPress order forms requesting customer information and payment details.



In this guide, you will learn about creating an order form with online payment. If you are selling either a physical or digital product, you can accept online payments from your WordPress order form.


First Step: Create a WordPress Order Form

Begin by installing and activating the WPForms plug-in. Then create a new form by clicking the WPForms menu and select Add New.

Next, name your form and choose a template for the billing/order form on the setup page as shown below:



Now, to indicate the available items for sale, scroll down to the right of the template and click on ‘available items.’ It will then display the ‘field option’ on the left side. You can add or remove items, rename the field and edit prices.

image of form


Lastly, you can decide to add photos of your products to give your customers a glimpse of what they are buying. Just tick the ‘use image choices‘ checkbox as illustrated below in the form editor:

best way to make online payments

Second Step: Create Custom Notifications or Setup Form Confirmation


WPForms sends a notification to your personal email account automatically unless you disable the setting.

You can also use smart tags to send emails to your customers confirming the receipt of their orders.

  • On the settings tab of the form builder, click notifications.


  • Then to customize the email address to receive notification after placing an order. In the ‘send to email address‘ tab, click on ‘show smart tags.’

  • Lastly, select ‘Email’ so that WPForms can notify the customer who placed the order.
  • Remember to customize the fields before sending and write a personalized message to the customer.

In addition, set up a form confirmation after customizing your notifications. Form Confirmation is the message that pops up after a customer completes an order placement.

You can do that by redirecting your customers to another website (or URL) to an appreciation page, or simply let a message pop up to acknowledge a successful order submission.


Third Step: Configure the Payment Settings

As the final step, you will need to set up a gateway to receive online payments from your clients. To do that, you must install and activate your preferred payment add on.

As mentioned earlier, WPForms integrates with PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.net payment processors.

After activating the payment add on, in the form editor, click on the payment tab. In this guide, we will consider the PayPal option.



Finally, select PayPal and edit the remaining settings accordingly.

Easy and Secure Authorize.net Form Solution [WPForms]


There you go. Now that you have completed steps 1 to 3, you can proceed to adding your order form to your website.

WPForms permits the addition of your forms to your web pages, sidebars, or blogs.


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