3 Top Ad Networks (Adsense Alternatives) for Newbie Bloggers in 2021

Are you a newbie blogger looking for a legit Ad network to monetize your brand new blog?

If you just answered “Yes” to the above question then this blog post is for you.

So what is the best Ad network for publishers and bloggers in 2021?

If you would like to get right straight to the answer then PopsAds is the Ad network for you.

Pop Ads is the best Adsense Alternative for bloggers looking to monetize their traffic and make money blogging.

The truth is getting Adsense approval for new bloggers can be quite challenging and difficult.

When I just started out as a blogger, I got rejected 3 times in a row before I could get approved by Adsense.

Google Adsense is without doubt one of the best advertising networks out there.

It is however very difficult to get your website approved on their platform.

Adsense has a number of requirements that publishers have to meet before they can place Ads on their sites.

Though millions of websites apply to join Adsense every day, it is not surprising that only 30% of all those that apply actually get accepted into the program.

I have outlined the exact things I did to get my website approved for Adsense here after being rejected 3 times in a row.

It shouldn’t take long before your new blog gets accepted to monetize with Adsense if you follow the exact steps described in that blog post.

However, if you feel Adsense may not be the perfect fit for your blog, here are 3 best Ad networks that accept new websites.

There are thousands of Ad networks out there but only a handful of them actually pay publishers well for their hard work.

I have personally worked with Ad networks that didn’t pay me my hard earned income even after reaching the minimum payout amount.

These 3 Ad networks are legitimate advertising networks that I have personally used and they pay quite well.

You will be able to make a decent amount of money even with a low traffic blog.

I am currently monetizing with Ezoic after I was able to meet all their eligibility requirements.

UPDATE: Ezoic is currently accepting sites of all sizes after removing their 10,000 page views requirement to monetize with them. You can click here to sign up for a free account.

Source: Ezoic

This announcement was made earlier last month on their  website. You can read it here.

However these are my top recommendations for those looking for Adsense alternatives to make money online.

So let’s dive right into the top 3 best Ad networks to monetize your blog.

1. PopAds (Best Ad Network) for small publishers

PopAds is without doubt the best Ad network for small publishers.

It is one of the few Ad networks with a very fast approval rate.

Founded in 2010, PopAds has quickly risen to the top of high paying Ad networks on the internet.

Unlike Adsense, PopAds doesn’t discriminate among publishers based on the content types they produce.

The platform accepts all types of blogs including those that publish illegal content such as porn sites, gambling and other forms of “Adult” content.

This makes PopAds a great alternative for owners of blogs in niches that aren’t allowed in the Adsense program.


PopAds also doesn’t have any traffic requirements which makes it the perfect fit for small publishers with low traffic.

You are also given the option to set up auto withdraws.

This will allow you get paid automatically once you reach the minimum payout amount.

Pros Of PopAds

  • Approval into their program is instant
  • They also have a higher CPM rate compared to other alternatives
  • There is no minim traffic requirement.
  • The minimum payout amount is $5
  • They offer an auto money withdrawal option

Cons of PopAds

They currently only support payouts using PayPal and Payoneer.

You can sign up for PopAds here.

2. Propeller Ads

When I just started my first blog a few year ago, Propeller Ads was the first Ad network I monetized with.

Along the way I realized I was doing things wrongly the entire time.

The truth is, like many popular bloggers my first blog failed miserably.


I learnt a lot during my first year blogging and those lessons helped me finally start a successful blog.

You can also see the horrible blogging mistakes I made my first year blogging that eventually led to my blog failing.

I did make a few dollars with Propeller Ads even with the low traffic I was getting to my first niche site.

Propeller Ads is a CPM Ad network that will work well even for intermediate bloggers.

After signing up simply do the following;

  1. Create a new Ad
  2. Strategically insert the Ad on your blog. Ensure you place it in a good position where it can easily be seen by your visitors.

For every 1000 views, you will make anywhere between $1 to $4.

That’s a good amount of money especially for a new blogger.

They currently support payment methods like Payoneer, Web money among others.

Propeller Ads also has a minimum payout amount of $25.

You can sign up for Propeller Ads here.

3. Revenue Hits

Unlike other Ad networks that only pay per action or impressions, Revenue hits only pays publishers when clicks on Ads convert.

This makes it quite unique among the many Ad networks available but also the most difficult to make money from.

You can’t be certain that your visitors will actually convert into customers once they click on your Ads.

For you to make a decent amount of money with revenue hits, clicks on your Ads need to convert into either sales or signups.

If for instance an Advertiser is looking for conversions in the form of signups, you will only get paid when people clock your Ad and eventually sign up.

Despite its complexity, the Ad network pays very handsomely well.

You can make anywhere between $10 to $50 per action on your Ads.

Publishers with a decent amount of traffic can actually make between $10 to $100 per day using Revenue hits.

Though it isn’t my personal favourite, Revenue Hits pays well and has no minimum traffic requirements.

It is a great Ad network for small publishers.

Pros of Revenue Hits

  • Approval is instant
  • They have no minimum traffic requirements
  • It also has a very high CPA rate
  • Revenue Hits also has a great support team to help you with any issues you may have

Cons of Revenue Hits

  • The Ad network only pays for every action since they don’t use the conventional CPC and CPM methods used by most Ad networks in the advertisement industry.

Though not as popular as other premium Ad networks like Ezoic and Adsense, Revenue hits is a great advertising network to  make money blogging  even as  a new blogger.

You can sign up for Revenue hits here and start making money blogging.

Conclusion: 3 Top Ad Networks for Publishers and Bloggers in 2021

It is every bloggers dream to make money with their blog but this may not be as easy as it seems especially in the beginning as a newbie blogger.

With the above Ad networks you will be able to make your first dollar blogging.

I hope this blog post helps you make some money online.

I would now want to hear from you.

Is there any Ad network you would like Added to this list of the best Ad networks for newbie bloggers?

Have you personally made some money using any of these Ad networks?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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