7 of the Best Survey Software In 2021

Are you looking for a platform to help build a survey for your website? Have you seen many options but cannot decide which to use? Look no further than this article.

We have prepared an analysis of 7 of the best survey software in the market.


What is a survey builder?

Survey software comprises tools that create online polls, quizzes, surveys, and other forms. They can then distribute the created surveys to the target audience.

Their uses range from questionnaire-based market research to getting feedback, information, and opinions from customers.

Surveys can be shared through links on the web, email blasts, or as pop-ups on your website.


What to look for

Ideally, a survey software should have question creation and customization features.

It must create forms that are distributable and shareable. It also needs to have mechanisms for gathering, reporting, and archiving responses.

This information is very useful for visitor engagement and conversions, and a general understanding of the target audience for a website. It also helps boost product development.

Because this is what you’re looking for, let us dive into the options and how they meet these needs.


1. WPForms

We start with WPForms for one very simple reason: functionality.

This is arguably the best survey software and WordPress contact form plugin in the market. Why?

It is very many things in one and a user base of over 3 million website owners to show for it.

One of the things it features is the polls and surveys add-on useful in creating engaging surveys in the shortest time.

It has a simple drag and drop form building feature for fast survey creation.

It allows conditional logic for personalizing the survey fields depending on the user and respondent input.

You can always activate survey reports for all other existing forms.

Lest we forget, WPForms also offers a conversational forms mode which will make your survey even more engaging.

WPForms has other powerful tools like multi-page forms, conditional logic, email integration, and custom notifications all that can be combined with the polls and survey addon to create superb surveys.

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Perhaps the best part about this tool is survey reporting.

WPForms creates forms that have interactive survey reports with charts, graphs, and bars which can be exported in print, pdf, and jpeg format.

These formats can be used on social media platforms and PowerPoint presentations.

To get WPForms as your survey builder is pretty easy.

If you have built your website using WordPress, then get on the basic plan for only $35.90/year.

The only downside to WPForms surveys and polls add-on is that it does not have a quiz format.

So, you cannot really have a means of segmenting correct and incorrect responses.

Another thing is that it cannot compile survey results for just one user.

But with these on the list of future features, it is safe to check WPForms out!


2. Google Forms

In the ocean that is Google, products is Google Forms: a free survey form builder.

With Google forms, one can build an unlimited number of surveys, questions, and responses.

Adding to these awesome features is the automatic collection of data and answers in Google Spreadsheets.

It has lots of themes that one can choose from with page branching provisions.

This tool also allows one to add a custom logo, videos, and images to a survey.

It is without doubt one of the best survey software around today.

Google Forms can imbed the survey onto a website, email and even produces shareable links.

One is able to add collaborators and skip logic to the survey.

The only prerequisite is having a Google account, knowledge of one’s survey goals, and basic knowledge of manoeuvring a survey builder.

There is a downside. Google Forms does not entirely support survey customization and brand specificity.

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One: this tool provides only four options for customization.

That is choosing a colour template that changes the shades of margins and headers.

Two, picking predesigned themes only by category, say food or nature, to add a stock image to the header.

Three, upload a header image or logo which, unless very specific in dimensions, becomes distorted.

And finally, it allows a change of survey questions font but even those are not so professional looking.

If out for more customization of your surveys, read on!

3. Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkey is arguably a very capable survey creating tool.

It has lots of flexibility and its reporting tools and admirable.

The dashboard offers guidance through every one of the 5 steps of the survey creation.

The interface is elaborate while being user friendly with a reserve of templates and features that fast track the form design process.

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The software encourages you to use a template from their vast library of question-and-answer themes.

It offers 12 question types like multiple choice questions, short answers, and much more.

A survey can even have hierarchal drop-down menus. The only downside to SurveyMonkey is its price.

One, it has only the annual payment plan which could be a strain on short-term information collection goals.

Two, its basic free plan is robust and quite limiting. You can have as many surveys as want but only if each has a maximum of 10 questions.

It has access to SurveyMonkey’s data analysis tools although your responses must be 100 or less.

As seen, this software is absolutely helpful for the basic needs of a small business or a survey campaign that anticipates a smaller pool of responses.

But it is not the solution if you have a smaller budget as most of the robust features are included only in the paid-tiers plans.


4. Qualtrics

Qualtrics is perhaps the simplest web-based survey building tool that can be used to perform survey evaluation, research, and other information collecting tasks. Easily accessible from the platform is a “Quick Survey Builder” tutorial and a plethora of resources for beginners.

This makes the best part about Qualtrics the fact that it can be used by anyone- no experience needed.

Among its library of features is that it allows you to track sent invitations for participation and engagement through reminders.

It has a variety of templates and questions that are customizable. The survey form creation process is the fast ‘point and click’ mechanism.

It can display the survey results as they are collected in real time and graphic and statistical representation.

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The system allows sharing of multiple surveys at the same time.

All this while being able to export acquired data in different formats like HTML and XML.

And if that is not enough, it has survey translation provisions where the respondents can access the survey in the language of their browser or preference.

With that said, Qualtrics is convenient for a researcher or data collection of scholarly nature where the target audience has a variety of primary languages.

The pricing is not published on their website.

But given the organizational target of Qualtrics, it is a bit on the pricey side.

It may require a developer for customization- some of the features can make it difficult to use for beginners.


5. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey makes it to this list of the best survey software because of one main reason- for a free survey tool, it is among those that give the highest value.

It is a simple end-to-end survey distribution, design, and analysis tool.

First on the list of many features is that SoGoSurvey gives you an unlimited number of surveys and questions.

It has around 24 question types, has page branching abilities and three skip logic.

The surveys you create on this platform can easily be embedded into webpages and emails. This tool also allows data exportation on CSV and word document format.

The most prominent pro of SoGoSurvey is that even on the free plan, you do not need additional tools to complete survey tasks because the plan provides a broad set of functionalities.

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And in case of a problem, SoGoSurvey allows access to email customer service 24/7 to all. You read that right. ALL, including those on the free plan.

A sore con is a fact that the number of respondents must be 200 or less per year.

This is even with unlimited surveys and questions.


6. Typeform

Typeform is the most beautiful of survey building tools.

It has an elegant and attractive interface that lives up to their motto: “Asking questions should be easy, human, and beautiful.”

Typeform has a free version called the CORE plan which has a lot to offer.

This includes unlimited answers to unlimited questions in your surveys.

It has data exporting capabilities to enable sharing to other software or just printing.

When it comes to the actual appearance of your survey, two options are available.

One: custom design your theme. Or two: choose from available templates.

When it comes to reporting, the most necessary reporting is available.

Free users can always pipe the responses to the test of the survey.

For instance, addressing the respondent by their name in the subsequent questions once they give it in the name field.

The features in the core plan are varied and pretty good for free, and especially the unlimited answers and questions that can go to a survey.

The biggest con is that there is a limit to the number of responders.

That is 200 per year. It lacks jump logic but makes up for that in the piping of responses.

Typeform with the beautiful layout and immense capabilities, even for the core plan, is worth checking out!


7. QuickTapSurvey

QuickTapSurvey is a cloud-based software.

This survey software application comes with features like online and offline survey creation interface.

It packs a variety of different question types, integration options with third parties, branding choices, and survey reports that are detailed enough. Users are able to create surveys using pre-designed templates.

At the same time, users can design their themes using custom colours, logos, and background images.

QuickTapSurvey boasts multi-type questions capabilities for a survey while having branching and skip logic additions to the quizzes.

The most appealing feature is that survey forms are viewable and can be taken on computers and Android and iOS mobile devices (phones and tablets).

This solution also enables users to collect signatures from respondents using touch enabled phones and tablets.

Once surveys are completed, you are assured to get reports and auto-notifications which can be downloaded as SVF and PDF files.

QuickTapSurvey can also be integrated with MailChimp, Salesforce, and many others.

It is definitely worth the money!


Final Verdict: 7 Best Survey Software

A recap: Google forms is free and on this front are the others but limited features. SurveyMonkey is arguably the best, followed by Typeform and SoGoSurvey but the great disadvantage of pricing can be overcome through paying for WPForms for the same enterprise value.

WPForms, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey will allow you to send surveys via links on the web, email, and even embed them to your website.

Google Forms and SoGoSurvey have skip logic for free. SurveyMonkey matches Typeform on integration, ease of use, templates.

On the basis of payment, Typeform has month-to-month payment plans over SurveyMonkey’s annual plans.

Typeform also wins the prize in creative survey creation.

QuickTapSurvey stands out because it has offline survey capabilities.

But if you already have an existing WordPress website or a small scale business, then the WPForms plugin is the best survey software for your needs.

It is easily customizable, adaptable and has a ton of tools for simple survey-related task implementation.

One thing is clear from this list, the best survey forms need to be built using elaborate software.

These tools meet the basic needs of survey building and offer much more.

All of them can build surveys, distribute them and analyse them from one online location. Which is a plus! But, they also have their downsides.

Use the wrong tool, you might find it too difficult to employ.

But with the right one, it is a walk in the park.

We hope this article helps you find the best survey software for your needs!



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