25 Best Money Making Apps to Boost Your Side Income

Unemployed? Made redundant or furloughed due to the coronavirus pandemic?

No need to panic just yet. There are numerous money making apps to make some money directly using your Smartphone.

One of the easier ways of making money online is through Smartphone apps.

For that reason I have compiled a number of the best money making apps that will help you navigate tough times, or make some money on the side.


1. Uber

You have probably heard of this ubiquitous  ride-sharing app, if not used it yourself.

Once you complete the application process to be an Uber driver, you just turn on the app and clients will be able to locate you.

You can watch this video to see how Sabbi made $8,000 driving UBER EATS for 30 days straight.

Depending on your personal circumstance, this could be a full-time gig or just a side gig.

It is one of the best money making apps that I recommend for people looking to make money online.


2. Lyft

Just like Uber, Lyft is also a ride-sharing app. The company has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years and is now a behemoth in its own right.

make extra money online

Though their criteria for accepting applications are much more stringent, being a Lyft driver represents an easy way to make extra cash as you go about your day.

It is undeniably one of the best money making apps available right now.


3. Airbnb

Got a spare room in your house, or perhaps space in your house that has no immediate use?

Airbnb is one of the money making apps that allows you to monetize that.


4. Swagbucks

Boasting more than 20 million members and with thousands of surveys, Swagbucks is one of the best-paid sites.


5. Decluttr

Decluttr is an easy-to-use app that helps you to monetize CDs, DVDs or games lying idly around your house.


6. Bookscouter

Are you an avid reader with tons of books in your home library? Bookscouter is one of the money making apps that allows you to sell your used books and generate some extra cash.



7. Mercari

Do you have unwanted stuff gathering dust in your house? Mercari is one of the popular money making apps that will help you dispose of them while earning some extra bucks in the process.


8. Task Rabbit

If you have some free time and are interested in making some extra bucks during that period, then Task Rabbit is one app you need to check out.

make extra money online

You are paid for completing basic tasks and running errands within your locale.


9. Upwork

Upwork is a resource that connects freelancers with businesses and people in need of particular skills.

All you need to do is create a profile showcasing your particular skill set after which you can start bidding for gigs on the app.

The company charges a fee depending on your earnings from their platform.


10. Letgo

This is also one of the money making apps that will allow you to declutter your home and boost your bank balance at the same time.


11. Foap

If you love taking photos, then Foap can be a wonderful way to make some extra cash from your hobby.

All you need to do is upload your pictures and wait for an interested buyer.


12. Mypoints

Mypoints is an app that allows you to earn and accumulate points in a number of ways including, but not limited to, watching movies and filling out surveys.

The points can then be redeemed for cash or prizes.


13. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is an app that pays you for completing online tasks and filling out surveys.


14. Survey Junkie

With a user interface that’s easy to use, survey junkie enables you to make extra cash by taking online surveys.


15. Rebag

Rebag is an app that enables you to sell your handbags.

Compared to similar apps, the rules are stricter regarding bags that are deemed acceptable.


16. Fashionphile

Fashionpile is a platform that allows you to sell designer items.

Though the main focus is handbags you can also sell some leather goods, jewelry and unworn shoes through the platform.


17. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a free app available on Playstore and IOS that rewards you for taking short surveys on multiple topics.

These include reviews and opinion polls.

The surveys are to be completed in 24 hours and payment is either through your Paypal account, or by means of Playstore credits that can be used to buy products such as apps and games.


18. Fiverr

With a variety of gigs on the platform fiverr is one of the best freelancing marketplaces.

Once you create your profile describing your area of expertise and your pricing you are good to go.

Those seeking your services will place orders with you.

The platform is relatively expensive though as fiverr retains 20% of your earnings.

It however is one of the most trusted and popular money making apps on the market right now.


19. Poshmark

Poshmark is an app available on IOS and android that enables you to sell clothing and accessories.

All you need to do is upload a photo of what you want to sell and price it.

The commission the company takes depends on the price of what you want to sell.

For items sold for $15 or less, the commission is $2.95; the commission is 20% for items sold for over $15.


20. Branded Surveys

Branded surveys is a market research community that pays you for taking surveys.

You will accumulate points as you take surveys and are able to cash out via PayPal or through gift cards to well-known retailers like Amazon.


21. Robinhood

With as little as $1, this app allows you to invest in shares of publicly listed companies.

Robinhood enables you to invest in stocks listed on US exchanges and cryptocurrencies.

With over 250 global stocks also available for investment, this app offers you the chance to create a well-diversified portfolio.


22. Money Machine

In addition to filling out surveys, you can earn money through this app by watching videos and completing other tasks online.


23. Worthy Bonds

With bonds costing from as low as $10, Worthy Bonds represent a superb way to earn a fixed rate of return.

You get to buy as many bonds as you like and can cash out at any time without penalty.

The bonds offer a 5% rate of return and have a term of 36 months.


24. Acorns

This is one of the few money making apps that enables you to save and invest money easily.

What’s even more alluring is that you are offered $10 after signing up.

You also get to invest in a strategy that matches your risk profile.


25. Turo

Turo is an American company that allows you to rent out your assets such as your car.

Turo is particularly safe since it offers you protection against theft and physical damage.

You can either set the daily price for renting out your car or let Turo determine the most competitive price for you.


Conclusion: 25 Best Money Making Apps to Boost Your Side Income

The truth is there are thousands of money making apps out there on the internet.

You just have to make sure you are using legit apps that actually pay you for the work hours you put in.

The apps listed above are some of the best money making apps on the internet right now that will allow you earn passive income.

Let me know in the comments below any apps that you would like added to this list.

Also share this blog post on the best money making apps with your friends and family looking for legit ways to make money online.







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