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Private label rights (PLR) digital products are those that allow utilisation of ready-made products for marketing and reselling purposes.

The PLR industry has experienced a vast boom in the last decade because of the increased demand for ready-made products that can be resold.

This has ultimately led to the development and launching of PLR platforms that offer PLR digital products for very attractive deals.

The newest kid in the block is PLR Hustle. Recently launched and having a glossy social media presence, is this platform all it says it is?

Let’s dive in, shall we?

What is PLR Hustle?

plr hustle

PLR Hustle is an e-commerce platform that gives individuals intellectual rights to digital products popularly known as Private Label Rights.

This platform is a high-quality private label content catalogue with a lot of content for PLR products, articles for websites and blogs, and ready to sell e-books.

What are private label rights products? 

These are items that take the form of quality article packs, website templates, headers, graphics, software, online course videos, eBooks and so much more.

They have been created and then sold to another person who then distributes them, kind of like the way a clothes store sells clothes that haven’t exactly been tailored in the store itself.

So, what purchasing private label rights would mean for a buyer is that they can claim intellectual property rights to some of these digital products then ultimately use them under their already existing or yet-to-be brand.

It also allows one to maximize on and keep all the profits without having to worry about investing resources and time in content creation.

In a few clicks and parting with a few bucks, one is able to buy and resell any products on the PLR Hustle website.

Who is this for? Who can use it? Who should use it?

The ongoing pandemic has been a swirling situation of uncertainty and unpredictability. Thus, ‘easy’ is what a lot of people are looking for.

With PLR Hustle, anyone is able to buy rights to a given variety of digital products and go ahead to sell them and make their dream of passive income a reality.

Firstly, this platform is an absolute lifesaver for those entrepreneurs who have a lot of things to do.

Such individuals have the option of buying products on the PLR Hustle Website.

After purchase, they are then able to resell or distribute the purchased product(s) as their own.

Secondly, rather than spending weeks and time, with private label rights, entrepreneurs are able to give their time to other more important tasks.

This not only saves one time and reduces effort spent on inventory and shipping, but it also creates a sense of hand-free content creation while retaining 100% of the profits and ownership.

What PLR Hustle Has to Offer

1. Printable Wall Art

Over the last couple of years, digital wall art has become very popular. This is because many people are preferring to get the downloadable version of the graphic and hung it up their wall.

And, therefore, it comes as no surprise that printable wall art is indeed among the top-selling digital products for PLR Hustle.

Purchasing the rights to this high-end printable wall art just once guarantees you sales over and over again at whatever price you may want to sell it.

They also allow one to license the high-end printable version with your resources.

2. eBooks

plr hustle

PLR Hustle boasts sales of 689 million eBooks back in 2019. The more people move to mobile devices, the less they are likely to walk into physical book stores looking for physical books.

This is why eBooks are very popular. On the platform, one can purchase hundreds upon hundreds of PLR eBooks for licensing and reselling at the price of their choice and for as long as a lifetime.

Additionally, one can add themselves as the author of the books for the very reason that the eBooks come with no author.

The best part about eBooks is that you do not have to rebrand them before reselling them. Once you private label an eBook, it becomes yours entirely and the decision to rebrand or sell-as-is is really up to you.

3. Wholesale Vendor lists

One of the very important aspects of starting a business is suppliers. And a lot of people are on the lookout for suppliers and vendors.

This is where PLR Hustle comes in and offers super vendor lists that can be resold to people looking to start businesses.

These private label rights give access to lists with more than 3000 vendors which can then be resold to those in need of such lists. Talk about a niche!

This list is by no means exhaustive, there are lots of PLR digital products on PLR Hustle.

How does PLR Hustle Work?

As previously mentioned, PLR Hustle is a relatively new website that has banked on selling individual eBooks in a variety of niches.

Apart from eBooks, the website has several product bundles and video courses.

plr hustle products

Different from other sites, PLR Hustle is not based on traditional membership where one is allowed to download an unrestricted number of items for a given time.

Instead, this website is a product store where one pays for the individual digital product desired, similar to what happens in the supermarket!

The Perks

Among the things that make PLR Hustle stand out is the fact that all their content is carefully and neatly organised in their respective niche and subjects. And this is true given their sleek website.

It is clear that some thought was put into getting all content accessible to potential buyers.

This has further simplified the process by allowing one to, for example, choose and purchase a PLR eBook from a high-quality range in the catalogue then just download it- ready to sell!


PLR Hustle operates under the impression of a website selling PLR privileges to the buyers of their products.

But a further dive into the platforms shows that the conditions for the purchase of the products are Resell rights.

Now this means that one can only sell the product as it is with little to no change being allowed inside the products, say, eBooks.

This thus makes PLR Hustle, not a true PLR product platform.

And while there is a guarantee of the highest quality possible for their PLR products, the website catalogue is also on the pricey side of things.

For instance, some eBooks cost as much as $17.99. This is quite pricey for PLR you might argue. You will also expect that the product is being sold at least from the first hand.

This aspect would squarely make PLR Hustle a creator, something they haven’t certified.

Now that we have looked at what PLR Hustle is, what it has to offer, its perks and drawbacks, and generally why you should look its way, let us answer some crucial questions.

1. These deals look too good to be true. Is this even legal?

And the answer is a big yes. Private label rights are exactly that, a labels business model whose products are label rights for various commodities. And yes, multiple businesses have used and continue to employ PLR content, including some of your favourite sellers like Amazon. PLR just happens to be kept lowkey for the gem it is!

2. I’ve bought from PLR Hustle, who will do advertising?

Private labelling from PLR Hustle must have an underlying goal of selling the products at some point.

And the best way to do this is marketing and getting the word out there that you have an eBook (In your name) that’s great and up for sale.

While PLR Hustle is just a digital product supplier, they have a number of articles to guide you and make easier the responsibility of marketing passed on to you much.

Verdict: Is PLR Hustle legit?

A good PLR site is one that produces its products- on their platforms and websites is where people buy said products. Primarily, PLR Hustle would be the first hand of their PLR digital products.

However, the PLR industry is notorious for providers utilising each other’s products, many of which aren’t of that great quality. PLR Hustle is not immune to this.

Some of their products can be seen on sites like IDPLR.

This reselling, albeit at high prices, is what makes PLR Hustle originality questionable.

A little search online of PLR Hustle will give you the world’s greatest pool of mixed reviews.

Some say that PLR Hustle is the best PLR site, this variety of reviews seem a little too enthusiastic.

The other lot claim the worst quality for their money citing a lack of publication dates, art covers resembling catalogues in the ’80s and a rather outdated site design.

Their legitimacy is foolproof. You are assured that whatever you see on the screen is what you get. The quality of the books is also fine.

Overall, PLR Hustle is a good place to get eBooks. For other digital products and the intention of making money using PLR, we recommend buying from these PLR sites.

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