Here Are Lycamobile Uganda data bundles and call rates

Lycamobile Uganda, a UK based multinational mobile virtual network operator operating in over 23 countries globally officially launched their services in Uganda earlier this year in January.

Ugandans can now purchase the Lycamobile Uganda data bundles and Lycamobile Uganda SIM cards and enjoy their affordable data and call rates.

The very pocket friendly Lycamobile Uganda data bundles and call rates have been a topic of discussion over the past few months among Ugandans.

The tech company, founded in 2005 by a Sri Lanka British citizen Allirajah Subaskaran is part of a global conglomerate of companies under the Lyca group and is estimated to be worth over 2 billion Euros.

Lycamobile Uganda has been making news lately in Uganda due to its incredibly low data bundles and call rates.

The new telecom company offers not only voice and data plans but also SMS.

The pricing for Lycamobile Uganda data bundles and call rates is really low, probably the industry’s lowest calls and data plans.


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It remains to be seen whether this will be the trend for some time or whether it’s just a marketing tactic.

Nonetheless many Ugandans are making the most of the low data and call rates when they still can.

At the moment they are charging 3 UGX/Sec for all calls within Lycamobile network as well as to other networks.

For text messages, Lycamobile Uganda is charging 65 UGX/SMS with the Lyca network and 99 UGX/SMS to other networks within the country. (More on this below)

How much is a Lycamobile SIM card in Uganda?

The lycamobile Uganda sim card price is currently Ugx 10,000.

Truth be told though, they have the best data plans in the country at the moment.

The Lycamobile data bundles come in various categories.

Their lowest tier known as UG Super is going for Ugx 10,000 and is worth 10GB of data with a month’s validity.

Yes you read that right! For only Ugx 10,000 you receive 19GB of data.

This is unlike anything we have seen in the telecom industry in recent years.

When Africell had just joined the Ugandan telecom market, they had similar packages such as the ones Lycamobile Uganda is offering but nothing that they offered matched this standard.

This is usually the trend with every new entrant in the telecom company as they try to increase their brand awareness and take a share of the market.

This strategy commonly known as the loss leader strategy usually pays for in the long run as the companies are able to grab a big chunk of the market and establish their own brand.

If you haven’t yet bought a Lycamobile Uganda SIM Card I suggest you do so as soon as possible.

If you are wondering where to find a lycamobile near you, read this article on where to buy Lycamobile SIM cards in Uganda.

It is probably these low data rates that have made the mobile operator the talk in the country at the moment.


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Lycamobile Uganda also offers the UG Mega data plan of 50GB of data at only Ugx 25,000.

It is worth noting that with Ugx 25,000 the best data plan you will get from other networks in the country such as Airtel and MTN is about 10GB of data.

This clearly sets Lycamobile Uganda apart in the telecom industry due to its very competitive prices.

The company also offers a UG Student data plan worth 100GB at only Ugx 30,000.

This is unbelievable. I honestly didn’t believe any of this until recently.

The lyca data is even becoming more popular among the youth due to its low rates.

But all these data plans are real and you can sign up today and enjoy these competitive data plans today on the Lycamobile network.

With these rates, Lycamobile Uganda Internet is probably going to take a big chuck of the market share especially among young people in the country.

With many people locked up in their homes due to the current threat of COVID-19 Pandemic, many have taken to social media to try and cope up with the situation.

As a result we have seen more and more Ugandans using the internet for not only entertainment but also business.

For those looking for where to buy lycamobile SIM in Uganda, check out my article for a comprehensive guide.

Among the many questions I have been getting recently is “where can I buy lycamobile sim card”

This detailed guide will help you know where to buy lycamobile sim in Uganda with the Lycamobile Uganda outlets in the country listed.


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Lycamobile Uganda data bundles

In a summary, these are the Lycamobile Uganda offers and plans.

UG Super20GBUgx 10,000
UG Mega50GBUgx 25,000
UG Student100GBUgx 30,000
UG Giga100GBUgx 45,000


Lycamobile Internet Offers (Daily Plan)

Lycamobile Uganda Internet Bundles include a daily bundle of 250MB for only Ugx 500 and a very cheap weekly bundle of 500MB for only Ugx 1,000.


Lycamobile Uganda data bundles (Monthly offerings)




Lyca to Lyca MinsNational TextLyca to Lyca



UG Super20GBUnlimitedUnlimited5050Ugx 10,000
UG Mega50GBUnlimitedUnlimited5050Ugx 25,000
UG Student100GBUnlimitedUnlimited100100Ugx 30,000
UG Giga100GBUnlimitedUnlimited100100Ugx 45,000

Lycamobile Uganda data bundles (Weekly Packages)

PLANDATAInternational MinutesLyca to Lyca



National TextLyca to Lyca TextPRICE
Mix S5045000

Lycamobile Uganda data bundles -Standard Pay As You Go Prices

1)       National On-net : UGX 3 per sec

2)       National Fixed: UGX 3per sec

3)       Calling other networks : UGX 3 per sec

4)       On-net SMS: UGX 65 per SMS

5)       National SMS: UGX 99 per SMS

6)       International SMS: UGX 350 per SMS

7)       Data: UGX 30 per MB

You can learn more about Lycamobile Uganda data bundles and plans on their website.

How can I buy Lycamobile Uganda data bundles in Uganda?

To buy Lycamobile Uganda data bundles simply follow these easy steps;

Step 1: Dial *252#

Step 2: Then select option 6 which is to buy airtime for your Lycamobile number using your mobile money account.

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How do I check my Uganda lycamobile balance?

To check your Lycamobile balance simply dial *131# and you will be in position to see your current balance.

How do I pay OTT on lycamobile Uganda?

To pay OTT on Lycamobile Uganda follow these steps;

Step 1: Dial *252#

Step 2: Select option 6 which is Airtime and Bundles

Step 3: Select option 2(Internet Bundles)

Step 4: Then choose option 3 (Lyca Mobile)

Step 5: Enter your Lyca Mobile Number

Step 6: Select between Weekly and Monthly OTT (which is option 4 and 5 respectively)

Step 7: You should then proceed and authorize payment using your Mobile Money PIN.

You have now paid OTT on lycamobile Uganda.

That’s how to pay OTT on Lycamobile Uganda.



Lycamobile Uganda is currently offering the best data and call rates in the country. It is difficult to tell how long these rates will continue.

The Lycamobile Uganda data bundles are definitely a game changer in the telecom industry.

So I encourage you to try out their services and enjoy the best data and call rates while they last since this might only be a promotion for their services like we have seen in the past with telecom companies such as Africell.

Have you tried the Lycamobile Uganda services yet?

How have you found their internet speeds?

Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Here Are Lycamobile Uganda data bundles and call rates”

  1. Am trying to buy the 20GB at 10,000/= but seems I can’t get it I don’t know why. Please can u help me. I once bought the package using a friend’s simcard, but I just bought mine, and then I can’t get the offer I really need this

    • Hi Judith. Thanks for reaching out!
      Have you tried reaching out to the Customer support team? I would recommend that you check their website for the updated offers and plans. Of late the company has increased the number of branches and offices around the country to help them reach their customers easily so you can visit one of their offices around town.


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