IDPLR Review 2021: Is it a Scam or The Best PLR Website?



Product Quality









  • A lifetime plan for only $79 seems like a great deal to me. Especially in the long run.
  • A massive collection of over 200,000+ articles with PLR and more licenses. That’s huge.
  • Free membership option
  • Handy bonuses
  • Free Training Included
  • Products come packaged
  • Free 10 GB web-hosting
  • Ready-to-go Sites
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Product Packaging and Sales Material Included


  • There are a few outdated and low-quality products
  • I am unsatisfied with their support. They need to put more effort into support.
  • Poor product description
  • Limited Videos in many Categories
  • Nowadays IDPLR hardly ever updates its products.

Are you looking for an honest IDPLR review? Thinking of buying PLR products from IDPLR but aren’t yet sure whether it is worth the money?

Wondering whether IDPLR is legit?

If this is you then please continue reading on.

Digital marketing is one way of making money online.

It is definitely not easy.

In fact, it requires not just time but effort. Effort in understanding your audience, growing your mail list, creating content, which is most important, and a lot more.

Readers and buyers online are becoming savvier in purchasing and consuming high-quality products.

But creating high-quality content and original products can take way too much of your time.

It can become a struggle making it harder to have the passive income that digital marketing promises.

Well, here is a solution: the private label rights (PLR) industry.

It makes life a little easier by providing done-for-you content material, which includes digital products that are complete. One such solution agency is IDPLR.


What Is IDPLR?

IDPLR is the biggest PLR membership platform since 2008. It boasts 12000+ unique PLR materials with 76000+ members in the world.

Having been in the industry for over 12 years, IDPLR is the ultimate tool in helping marketers like you to grow and build an online business.


It is absolutely appropriate for those without the resources or time to create their own content and/or products.


Who It Is For:

The platform is especially beneficial for those who are business owners trying to make money by selling and creating online and digital products.

Among the people that IDPLR is helpful are affiliate marketers, bloggers, email marketers, YouTubers, Freelancers, social media marketers, content creators, video marketers, e-commerce owners, network marketers, digital product creators, and paid advertisers.

If your job title does not appear here, worry not.

IDPLR is simply made for all who want to save time in the product and content creation process.

It also accommodates those serious about online marketing and utilizing many PLR products in the long run.


Is IDPR Safe?

Yes, IDPLR is one of the best PLR websites with high quality PLR products that are regularly updated.


How IDPLR Works

Basically, it works like a supermarket.

I am sure you have walked into a supermarket or store and found sugar with the store’s name.

At the same time, it is true that the supermarket did not make the sugar themselves. Instead, they bought the sugar from the producers and branded it with their name.

You could probably find the same exact sugar at the store down the street, just with a different name!


Now let’s talk rights

IDPLR offers items under the Personal Rights, Giveaway Rights, Master Resell Rights (MRR), Resell Rights (RR), and Private Label Rights (PLR).

Private Label Rights (PLR) are the branding rights for items produced by others.

When you buy a product from IDPLR, you are buying a product (like the sugar) from another through this platform and assigning to it your name and selling it as yours- like the supermarket.

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With these rights, you can do almost everything with the product. From reselling to modifying to rebranding the product completely.

In most cases, though not always at IDPLR, you could also give away the product.

idplr plr rights
PLR product terms on IDPLR

The Master Resell Rights (MRR) and Resell Rights (RR) allow you to resell the products without modification.

You also cannot give them away with these rights. Notably, MRR allows the sale of resell rights to the buyer so they can be sold via multiple users, multiple times.

Lastly, Personal Rights permit personal use of the products- as the name suggests.

But you don’t have to memorize all this.

IDPLR offers in the description box a brief explanation of associated rights and what one can and can’t do with the product.


IDPLR Pricing

You have assessed what IDPLR could offer you, how it works, and quite arguably, can see yourself reaping the benefits of using done-for-you products to grow your online business.

But you tell yourself, this must be expensive!

Here is some more good news. IDPLR has the most flexible membership plans.

All are one-time-payment so you don’t pay every time you acquire a PLR product. Plus, there’s a free membership option.

To have access to all the PLR products, you will need purchased membership. Either for 3 months, 1 year, or a lifetime.

IDPLR Pricing

The prices being: 3 months-$39, 1 year-$69, and lifetime-$89. With membership, you will have unlimited access and use of the 12000+ PLR products.

idplr pricing
IDPLR Membership Options

This includes previews, many PLR courses to get you started, and classified rights.

The free membership option is also quite impressive. It gives access to around 200 products, basic training facilities, monthly updates, and only 2 gold downloads. Although not as massive as the paid membership, it sure is worth checking out.



Some PLR Products on IDPLR:

IDPLR has many solutions ranging from articles for blogs and e-books useful in growing your mail lists.

Also, the products are regularly updated and the membership plans give you differing access to all these.

Let’s dive right in.



It’s true that a lot of people do not know how to use PLR materials, especially the very technical aspects.

IDPLR is one of the few PLR membership sites that offers free training to its customers on how to use PLR products to make money online.

It has around 46 video series and tutorials to guide you in using PLR products more correctly.

IDPLR Training Videos
IDPLR Training Videos

These include making your content unique and securing it (no one wants plagiarized content!), editing and creating sales pages, creating workshops and using photoshop, and much more.

You could not possibly get it wrong following these.


2. PLR articles

So, you want a unique article or one you can easily modify to suit your target audience.

In the world of PLR, spending too much money on buying individual articles is very common. But IDPLR is a simple and almost free place to start looking.

Paid membership allows access to thousands of great PLR articles for significantly low prices.

Sample Article on
Sample Article on IDPLR

Whether your site focuses on fitness, weight loss, or internet marketing, you can be sure to find curated content packages ready for download and use.

If you are looking for the best PLR website to buy PLR articles, then IDPLR is the best there is.

You can also download free high quality PLR articles on IDPLR with the free membership plan.


3. 6300+ eBooks

Looking for eBooks to sell or even use yourself? Buying an eBook PLR package from another seller may cost you a lot more.

But with IDPLR membership, you gain access to equally high-quality eBooks at a just fraction of the money.

They usually also come with reseller and private label rights, which could help significantly boost profits.

The eBooks are in so many niche categories and subcategories like motivation, finance, digital marketing, relationships, and trading.

PLR eBooks on
PLR eBooks on IDPLR

Also, the eBooks normally come in packages containing emails and a squeeze page, elements helpful in giveaways and resells.

The actual eBook is downloadable in both word and PDF format which makes editing, proofing, and altering much easier.

eBooks come in PDF/Word Formats with Squeeze Page and Emails
eBooks come in PDF/Word Formats with Squeeze Page and Emails


4. 3D eCover Creator

3D cover

It is a widely accepted truth that appearance matters, and for PLR products, this is most important.

It really helps in giving and selling products.

The gold lifetime membership has the InDigital cover.

This offers a 3D eBook cover creator in the form of vista boxes, software, DVD, or a membership card.

  • The inbuilt app has one, the 300DPI resolution which allows creating graphics of good offline printing quality.
  • A 360-degree rotatable models to allow viewing and saving of designs in 3D spaces.
  • A live preview which allows real-time analysis in the design process.
  • A transparent background to allow the graphic to adapt to whatever color on the website’s background.
  • A total of six templates to create covers for different products and purposes.

This level of freedom and flexibility in designing eBook covers usually means parting with quite some money in paying for design tools, but not with IDPLR. You can do all this, almost free of charge.


5. Videos

IDPLR membership gives you access to one of the largest eBook libraries on the internet as well as an equally impressive range of videos.

They offer 850+ video packages on a wide range of topics. The videos with the richest of content are in online marketing, but there are others in the health, self-development, and pets niches.

Sample Videos on
Sample Videos on IDPLR

The videos are available in PLR and other rights in almost all subcategories of digital marketing.

For example, SEO, paid and social media advertising, and email marketing.

Most of the videos are made by IM experts so you are sure to get all information to help you succeed.


6. Audio Packs and Templates Audio Templates

In the library of products that is IDPLR packages are tens upon tens of templates.

As a member, you gain access to templates of squeeze pages, WP themes, CSS/HTML, landing pages, and even mini-sites.

Also, you get PLR audio items packed with training, tutorials, music, and hypnotherapy.


7. Ready-to-go Sites

A ready-made website helps kickstart a career in online marketing or even just testing out a new product.

IDPLR offers a load of such sites.

You can choose from niche sites like real estate, affiliates, and banner exchange, or any other that suits your goal.

Niche Website Templates on
Niche Website Templates on IDPLR

And getting up and running needs just a few clicks and tweaks.

This offer is especially useful to those new to internet marketing and is just trying to see what does and does not work.


8. Free 10 GB web-hosting

Purchasing the gold membership is synonymous with getting 10GB hosting for websites.

This is a lot of space on the internet and does not need an upgrade unless running a very huge product store.

IDPLR has partnered with BitReveal and together they assure web hosting that is fast, hosts unlimited domains, has free website builder and templates, and includes cPanel.

free webhosting from IDPLR

Now the gold membership is the lifetime membership, which means that for all websites you ever own in your lifetime, you will have more than enough space on the web to host and keep them running.

This could save you a ton of money!


9. Powerful Search Feature

When in need of finding relevant niche products and content, you can easily use the search bar.

Just type a specific keyword like “social media marketing” and click search. Then, look at the fetched results and pick whichever is most relevant for your use in promotion and sales for profit.


10. Free PLR  products

If purchasing membership right away is something you don’t want to do, the free membership has some goodies in almost all categories.

The products will have a little more restriction on the rights, and may not allow changing of the content but you will have some form of access. Free Membership Plan
IDPLR Free Membership Plan

They are also not that great in quality but can help you kickstart the decision to get the paid-for membership.

You can sign up for the free account here.


11. Software

IDPLR has an extensive library of software products and solutions usually under all the licensing types, even private label rights.

Most of the software solutions are in the digital marketing niche.

IDPLR Software
IDPLR Software

They include landing and squeeze page builders, WordPress plugins, web element generators, analytical tools, and other useful online marketing tools.

Having not tried too many of the software products, we can deduce that the overall quality is just average- not so good, not so bad.


12. Member submissions

When you become a member, you have the power to submit a suggestion on new(er) PLR products.

The submissions are then put on a schedule and you are able to gain access to them once they are created.

This list is in no way exhausted but talk about needs being met!


What’s Not to Like

Many IDPLR users are overly satisfied with the products available and how functional they may have been for their needs.

But there are definitely some downsides.

Some of the products are a bit outdated- as far back as 2016 is when some new items were added to the IDPLR platform.

Of course, some categories are not that niche and relatively remain unchanged, but for things like online marketing, newer is always better.

The overall quality of the PLR products is good but like anything else, there’s a batch of not-so-good products. Quality gets an 8.5/10 from us.

The website still has some minor technical issues. Like sometimes, the previews of products take very long to load.

The description of some products is indeed wanting and could use some more details to save people’s time on the platform.

Finally, if you have a query or issue and contact support, you may have to wait a couple of weeks or even months before the admins respond.

You can sign up for IDPLR here.


Final Verdict: Is IDPLR legit?

Yes, IDPLR is very legitimate and you can be sure to get value for money when you purchase some of their PLR products.

IDPLR definitely has a lot to offer; great value and experience for your money.

The free product category has decent offers and is suitable for those not sure about purchasing membership immediately.

The great variety of PLR products on IDPLR make them an authority in the resell rights space and definitely worth checking out.

If you need just a single or a couple of PLR products, then paying the $39, $69, or $79 on the IDPLR platform would be too expensive.

And if you want to take the risk-free approach, then signing up for the free account would be wisest.

It won’t give you the whole goldmine of profits in online business, but it will give you a feel with 2 free downloads to try out.

But, if willing to use multiple PLR products over a very long period of time, then IDPLR gold lifetime membership could save you a lot.

It just might be the PLR place for you.


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