How to Track Email Open Rates and Link Clicks

Before we delve into the details of tracking your emails, including link clicks and open rates, let us be clear as to what email tracking is.

Email tracking, which is a very vital action in the field of marketing entails monitoring an email and telling the sender what happened with it.

It includes information about whether the email has been opened and how the receiver interacted with the email and its content.

In this post, we’ll be discovering the new and amazing features available to help you track your WordPress emails.

The new features are all a part of the WP Mail SMTP 2.9.

Let’s get into it.

 Clicks and Email Opens tracking

Are you curious about which of your sent emails have been clicked and opened? Well, you can satisfy your curiosity by tracking your emails and click to see whether or not your emails grabbed the receivers’ attention.

This feature is available to Pro customers and can be done in simple steps.

Begin by turning on your email logging, then enable email tracking. That’s all you need to do. The tracker will automatically begin capturing the number of opens and clicks on all the HTML emails you send out of your site.

email tracking

You will benefit from email tracking if you have a business or profession that depends on people receiving and responding to your email.

Whether you are a salesperson, run an online shop, or engage in other kinds of sales, this feature can greatly improve your business.

When you can tell the amount of engagement your emails get using this feature, you can make decisions regarding future emails. You don’t even have to worry about editing your links or email template, so things just got easier.


WordPress Emails Resending Feature

If you have hoped and wished for a feature that allows you to resend WordPress emails with ease, your voice has been heard!

You can now easily resend WordPress emails with the new feature.

If you have important emails that failed to send, you can now click on the ‘resend’ button and send it across instantly.

No process, no time wasted. This feature is also available to Pro customers who need to save time with email resends.


What else? With WP Mail SMTP, you can also forward the email to another receiver instead of resending it to the first recipient.

tracking clicks on email

The resend feature also works for bulk emails, so you don’t need to resend your failed emails one after another. You can initiate a bulk resend with a single click if you have many emails to resend.

resend feature

Don’t worry about your site slowing down due to the bulk resends because that won’t happen.

The resend feature works with smart queueing, so the email sending will be staggered, allowing the emails to send one at a time while you go about your work.

Email Attachment Saving

Another feature many WP users have wanted so badly to have is the email attachment saving. Well, it is here, and it’s very cool too!

Pro customers can begin to save their email attachments automatically. You simply have to enable the feature in your settings, and every attachment will save alongside the email text.

email attachment

With the attachments stored alongside the email, you can use the email resend feature to send both the email and attachments at a time.

If you fear that the email attachments will consume too much disk space, you can always rectify that when you want. All you need to do is delete the log and the attachment goes to the trash with it.

EML Export Feature

If you love the CSV and XLSX log export feature, then prepare to fall deeper in love because there is a bigger and better export feature.

The EML feature, which is also available to pro customers allows you to export emails in EML format and access them with any email client. This feature is available for individual email exports or bulk exports in a simple ZIP file.

When you view emails in EML format, you can get the clearest picture of the mail you sent. So, if you’d like to confirm that your email template and format look exactly how you designed it, you can view it in EML format. You can also use EML to archive your sent emails in their most visual format.


Multiple Email Login Feature

Hasn’t been tiring to log into all your sub-sites when you need to view all your email logs?

Handling multiple sites shouldn’t be that stressful, and thanks to the newest network aggregate email feature, you can load email logs for any sub-site in the same place.

Pro customers and admins can leverage the latest aggregated email log for all their email needs. Once you’re on the email log page, you’ll see a dropdown that allows you to enable the new feature.


It is now very easy to access all your email logs from the email log page on the main site. Even if you control a few hundred sub-sites, you don’t have to worry because the dropdown boxes are searchable.

Without scrolling, you can access the log file for any of your sites in a few seconds.

Despite the existing features, you can choose to retain the different setting pages for your sub-sites if you prefer it that way.

Conclusion: How to Track Email Open Rates and Link Clicks

We couldn’t be happier to see any new version of WP Mail SMTP as we are to see this version 2.9. We hope you enjoy its features!

Now we would like to hear from you.

Have you tried tracking  your email open rates and link clicks using WP Mail SMTP?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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