How to Make Money Online in Kenya (Updated for 2021)

Are you looking for legitimate ways to make money online in Kenya?

The development of the internet and its powerful technology has provided various ways of making money online.

But even then, it is really all about finding trusted sources and justifying your ability as to whether you are able to complete the task or job as requested.

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Online jobs are flexible such that you can do them anytime, anywhere, mostly at the comfort of your own home which is a dream to many.

The following are 12 legit and assured ways to make money online in Kenya.

How to Make Money Online in Kenya

1. Monetize Your Blog

Blogging is the most popular way to earn long term income from home.

Purchase a domain and hosting in a couple of minutes and once that is set up, start adding content by writing on any subject targeted on your preferred niche.


If you already own a blog, you should concentrate on SEO {Search Engine Optimization} activities and drive traffic from search engines.

This will direct steady traffic to your blog.

Some of the blog monetization methods include:

  • Affiliate marketing program
  • Selling Ad spaces
  • Selling your own products
  • Text link Ad networks
  • Google Ad sense program


2. Online Surveys

Online surveys are becoming increasingly popular among college students and part-time job seekers.

This involves voicing your opinions to i.e. marketing companies, when they need to improve the quality of their products and services.

Create and complete your profile surveys that will be used to evaluate your profile for eligibility whenever an online survey comes up.


3. Youtube

Youtube has partnered with Google AdSense to enable its users to earn money from their videos. This method however, will not earn you as much at the initial stages but creating informative and accurate tutorials and posting them while engaging your audience will work up your earnings.

Find a proper niche and be consistent and loyal to it by creating videos in line with your niche. Promote your content by targeting the right market.

Don’t violate their terms and conditions especially copyright terms.


4. E-books

Just like you-tube, it is a great way to make money without investment.

Your success here is entirely under your control.

It requires writing in detail about a topic or working from a different angle on a subject exhausted by many.

You should know that you are direct seller of your product so know how to market it effectively. E-books can be sold on Amazon’s Kindle program or Apple iTunes Connect.

You can also simply sign up as a publisher or author on the Google Books Partner Program and upload a book file.

Make sure you are up to the task or at least enjoy the writing process else you might not finish what you started.


5. Digital courses

If you have informative and valuable knowledge that someone would pay for, then this is a great opportunity for you.

It is a unique opportunity to pass on your skills and knowledge to millions of people who are eager to learn about that specific subject.

Digital courses can be in form of PDF downloads or self-produced video courses, and like most other methods, they can be integrated into various styles of websites including;

  • eCommerce platforms
  • blogs
  • affiliate marketing sites


6. Subscription job boards

Job boards involve people posting a job listing on your site and visitors on your site apply for the jobs.

In the aforementioned method, there are two approaches you can take to earn from the job boards:

  • Charge people or companies to post their job listings on your site.
  • Charge your visitors a monthly membership fee to access the job board for applications

You also need to be in touch with solid qualified applicants as your visitors for companies to pay you for posting jobs on your site.


7. Virtual assistant

Even in the world of automation, human touch is needed. Organization and great planning are what you need to be effective as a virtual assistant. You could do;

  • General bookkeeping
  • E-mail management
  • Data entry
  • Research

This virtual assistant job will not only grow your earnings, but also you’re networking in that you exchange your contacts with very important people.

It has a wide range of tasks so you can’t miss one that works for you.

Virtual assistant gigs are posted on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.


8. Audio books

More and more people are starting to prefer listening to books to reading them online, and still, most books are never transformed into audiobook format.

Sign up for a service, invest in a high quality microphone, record, and create samples and you are good to go.

Show off your vocal skills and stand out as a writer by narrating online publications.


9. Instagram influencer

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social-media platform therefore people have learnt how to monetize a huge instagram following.

Large brands, organizations and companies will literally pay you to post about them or show case their products and services on your page.

This is possible when you have a great following so you can influence a large market.

Your payments will therefore depend on the number of your followers or how engaged they are.

Building a sizeable instagram following will have you spending more time on your phone (online) taking quality photos and posting regularly.


10. Podcasts

A podcast is an amazing medium to explore for those who love sharing their opinions or love and are good at conducting interviews.

These changing times have everyone on the go and less time therefore podcasts are being consumed anywhere, on the regular.

First you need to create high-quality audios and mostly high-quality content which you will learn how to by going through the top podcasts on iTunes or Spotify and spot the quality indicators they have in common

The larger your audience, the more the number of downloads and therefore better chances of growing your earnings.

There are a few approaches you can take;

  • Open up your podcast for donations
  • Sell sponsorships
  • Membership sites
  • Sell products and services related to the topic of you podcast.


11. Buy and sell websites

You buy a website that has investment potential, fix it, and then sell it for a higher profit. It might be risky though, in that you might invest money in a website with no growth potential.

Find undervalued websites in marketplaces like sell your site, flipper, etc. and don’t forget to do your research as to why someone is selling the site for effective improvements and analyzing growth potential.

Once everything checks out, purchase the site, and maximize its traffic and revenue then sell at a higher price for profit.

You can explore this method in depth by looking for articles with success stories relating to buying and selling websites.


12. Sell stock photos

Photography is a passion to most people, and one you can make money from.

There are tons of sites that enable you to upload your photos and footages for the users to see and use. Once a user licenses your uploaded photo, you get paid.

The biggest stock photography websites include;

They hold high quality images for every subject and niche.

So take your time to browse through marketplaces to find the most popular styles, create your own niche, the upload your photos to start earning.


Conclusion: How to Make Money Online in Kenya

Before diving in this part-time side gigs, you need to know that landing on something where you earn a lot of money can be difficult but you need to be consistent and dedicated.

This extensive list will find you legit ways to make money online in Kenya that are actually worth the effort.

Use your best judgment and explore these creative ways to cushion you bank accounts from the comfort of your home.

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