How to Easily Add hCaptcha with WPForms

Have you heard about hCaptcha? You could say it is the newest alternative to reCAPTCHA, and you would be right.

hCaptcha assists in keeping website forms spam-free and secure, without spam or interference by bots. In full, you can call it human Captcha.

Before going into the setup details for hCaptcha, let’s find out why hCaptcha works over reCaptcha.


hCaptcha vs. reCaptcha?

hCaptcha is a free tool that allows you to secure your website.

It has several website integration options, alongside several privacy policies and regulations.


hCaptcha helps to identify humans and protect your website from bots and spam by posing questions that only humans can answer. Here is a sample of the identification process.


If you wonder how safe the hCaptcha is, you can rest assured of the user’s privacy.

It will never track your users, so you can add hCaptcha to get more benefits that we will discuss shortly.


How to add and Setup hCaptcha with your WPForms

1. Install WPForms

If you don’t have WPForms already installed, go ahead to install it.

It is one of the best WordPress plugins. You can see how to install a plugin here.

WPForms will give your website a professional look, amongst other benefits.

If you already have WPForms installed, let’s move to the next stage.


2. Select hCaptcha in settings

Once you have WPForms installed, head to the “settings” page, where you will find a tab tagged CAPTCHA. Simply select the CAPTCHA tab and choose ‘hCaptcha.’

How to Easily Add hCaptcha with WPForms

3. Add and configure your Website to hCaptcha

To continue, select the ‘New Site’ after logging in to the hCaptcha account. hCaptcha will need you to generate an API key, with which you will authenticate and configure your website and hCaptcha.

Once you click on the new site button, you will click on ‘Add New Site Key’ and input your website name under the option.

You will then find a list of configuration options for your website and hCaptcha settings.

At this point, you can configure your Captcha difficulty, filters, domain, etc, and save your configurations.

Include hCaptcha key

The system will redirect you to the page where you can tap on settings and see your site key.

When you copy the hCaptcha site key from there, you can add the site key to your settings page on your WordPress form.

The next step is to configure several hCaptcha settings, including error messages, conflict modes, etc.

wpforms and hcaptcha

4. Finish adding hCaptcha into your WordPress Form

Open your WPForms, choose an old or new form, look under the standard fields, and select the hCaptcha badge appearing under all options.

Note that you can visit general settings whenever you want to turn hCaptcha on or off, or work on other settings.

how to use wpforms and hcaptcha


Final Thoughts

CAPTCHA saves your WPForms from bot and spam, so it is crucial to integrate CAPTCHA in your WordPress forms.

However, the new hCaptcha is an amazing alternative to reCAPTCHA, and it is worth a try.

Let me know in the comments section below how your experience has been using hCaptcha on your WordPress site.

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