How to delete Facebook posts all at once

Are you looking for ways on how to delete Facebook posts? It is easier than you think.

The advent of social media has brought with it so much growth and development than we could possibly fathom. With a mere click of a button you can now be able to delete Facebook posts all at once.

With just a single click one can be able to communicate with a distant relative millions of miles away.

We are now able to instantly communicate with family and friends virtually without having to be physically present.

It is now obvious that social media platforms like Facebook have been at the forefront of this innovation that has drastically changed how we live and communicate with each other.

Be that as it may, we may sometimes find ourselves in situations that require us to delete some of our old posts, atleast I have found myself in such situations countless times.

We have seen political dreams and ambitions of individuals seeking elective office go down the drains simply  because of a comment or posts that they may have put up a number of years ago.

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It is also now common practice among some colleges and employers to do background d checks among those seeking to join their organizations which includes looking at your social media posts.

You don’t want them to find something embarrassing that you posted or perhaps something controversial that may stand in the way of your dreams and aspirations at that organization.

Deleting controversial or just embarrassing posts that reveal or portray a certain aspect and facet of your personality you don’t want seen in the public will not only built your credibility but also enhance your personal security.

Earlier in June this year Facebook finally unveiled a brand new feature known as the “Manage Activity”.

This feature is the best solution for those looking for how to delete Facebook posts in bulk.

The bulk delete feature will allow Facebook users to delete all or part of their old Facebook posts on Facebook with just a single click.

How to delete Facebook posts

To delete your Facebook posts in bulk simply follow these steps.

1. Head over to your Facebook profile and tap on the three dots next to “Add to Story” feature.

2. Now click on “Activity Log”

3. The activity log page will open. Then head over to the top of the page a d tap on the “Manage Activity” button.

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4. A pop up “Manage Activity” will then appear. Now click on “Your Posts”

5. The “Manage Your Posts” page will then be opened. You should the head over to the top of the page where you will find three buttons; Filter, Archive and Trash.

That’s how to delete facebook posts all at once.

At the moment, the “Manage Activity” feature is only available for mobile apps but soon the desktop version will be unveiled by Facebook.

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This new delete feature for Facebook is currently the best way to delete all your old Facebook posts at once without having to go through the trouble of deleting them singularly.

This feature makes the process of deleting bulk Facebook posts a lot better.

So whether you want to hide your old Facebook entries form a potential employer or college Admission board, this is the best solution for you.

I hope this post on how to delete Facebook posts was helpful.

Have you tried the brand new “Manage Activity” feature for Facebook?

How did you find the bulk delete feature?

Let me know in the comments below.

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