How To Submit Your Website To Opera News Feed

One of the biggest challenge website or blog owners face in the initial stages of growing their websites is traffic.

It is extremely difficult to get traffic to your website especially when you are just getting started blogging.

We shall be sharing with you how to submit your website to opera news

It is for this reason that some websites with really high quality content hardly feature anywhere among top google searches which makes it extremely difficult for them to be discovered by users on the internet.



In this article we shall be taking you through three simple steps you can take to potentially grow your website traffic by getting your site added to Opera Mini News Feed.

But first we shall look at the advantages of having your blog/website added to Opera Mini News Feed.

  1. With Opera News Feed, one can expect to reach an immense targeted audience of human traffic. This is free and real human traffic that will most likely engage with your content and even convert thus high lead generation.
  2. It also improves your sites brand and credibility through exposure to the over 300 million users of Opera News. This is really effective marketing for any blog owner that is looking to growing their sites. This exposure will ensure you stand out as an authority in your preferred niche.
  3. It is also another source of funding for blog/ website owners. How is that possible? It’s simple; by displaying your site or blog on opera mini news feed, you’ll be paid 50% of revenue made from displaying their products on your site or blog. You’ll be paid once a $100 threshold is reached.
  4. It will also ensure your content goes viral as it will be shared by the millions of users which in turn will mean improved visibility for your website.

So now that you know what you stand to benefit from Opera News Feed, let’s take a look at how you can potentially get your website added to the News Feed.

  • First and foremost, send a summarized straight to the point email to the Opera support team email [email protected], copying [email protected]. Ensure you add your website link in the email so that they can visit your site and check it out. After receiving your email, the Opera news team will visit your website, review the site to be sure it meets their standard.
  • An Opera mini agent will reply to your mail after 2 to 3 days with further instructions or requirements they may require to have your website added to their news feed. It might take a little while now especially due to the corona virus. Just provide only the information they request with being wordy or exaggerative. Keep the response precise. Do not write long jaggy words, but be brief and straight to the point.
  • After that, send your mail back and relax. It might take up to 1 to 2 weeks (Sometimes longer) for them to review your request and site before getting back to you.
  • Once your request has been approved, follow the next instruction there and have your site on opera mini news feed.

How to get your blog/website approved instantly

It is worth knowing that not all websites/blogs submitted to the Opera News Feed team will be approved. Some are rejected or completely banned from the platform if found against the terms of use of the service.

So, if you want your website or blog to get published instantly, you have to ensure you don’t involve yourself in any of the following practices:

  1. Copyright violation

Ensure that before you submit your website for review by the opera news feed team that all content on your blog articles including images are your own and don’t violate any copyright laws. Opera News frowns at plagiarism.

  1. Avoid clickbait titles

Yes, you heard that right! Although bloggers are used to incorporating clickbait titles in their blog posts in order to increase their click through rates (CTR), this will get you rejected by the Opera News Feed Team. You want to ensure your content doesn’t mislead readers as this will result in automatic rejection during the application process.

Good luck.

Have you added your website to Opera Mini News Feed?

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or require any assistance.

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21 thoughts on “How To Submit Your Website To Opera News Feed”

    • Hi Amaka, I think you have a beautiful website and with the kind of content you are publishing it should be easy for you to get accepted into the Opera News Feed.

    • Hi Tim,

      I just visited your website and I think it will most likely be accepted into the program. From my experience news based websites always easily get accepted into the program. Now that doesn’t mean a non news site won’t be allowed into the program. Every site with original quality content and engagement can be accepted into the platform.

      Good luck!


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