His Secret Obsession James Bauer Review: Does James Bauer PDF Book Work?

His Secret Obsession


Product Quality


Ease Of Use




Practical Advice



  • His Secret Obsession is reasonably priced and you won’t have to pay $1000
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Exposes how man thinks and what you need to do to hook your man and keep him attracted to you
  • Practical Advice
  • Multi-Formatted
  • Proven Strategies
  • Super Comprehensive
  • This eBook helps women to understand men much better and gain women's overall confidence
  • This program is harmless and very easy to implement.


  • Some women may feel hesitant applying the information in this book.
  • The time required for techniques and tactics to work may differ for different individuals.

Are you looking for a honest review of His Secret Obsession by someone who has actually bought the book?

Is your current relationship a bit dull? Do you not understand how the flame died so suddenly? Or, has your man been acting indifferent and almost cold?

Look no further, James Bauer offers you a solution.

In his latest release “His Secret Obsession”, Bauer offers you tools for creating perpetuity in your relationship.

What “His Secret Obsession” Is

The 200-page eBook program is nothing short of a goldmine in understanding straight male behaviour in committed relationships.

It is not your regular how-to workbook filled with deceptive tricks and a personality changing façade.

No. It offers something primal and compulsive to your man: The Hero Instinct.

The book terms this aspect as obsessive and compulsive and if successfully tapped into, your man becomes hooked to you, hopefully forever.

The book is comprehensive in its approach to dating advice.

It incorporates a lot of case stories, tips and an inquisitive angle that will teach how to work with your man in a psychology centric fashion.

The book includes lots of bonus material too.

Also, it has a working paper available, therefore, the source of information to better your relationship is never inadequate.

If you are looking for practical advice then you will be glad to buy the eBook.

James provides realistic steps that a woman can follow to ensure maximum tapping of the hero instinct in her man.

The author provides many examples from real-life occurrences.

These make more sense given the now common mode of human interaction that is technology.

He describes ways it can be used to create benefit and happiness in any relationship.

James also adds to the book’s content his experience and expertise.

His Secret Obsession utilizes psychology, genetics, and existing research to underpin his arguments on the hero instinct.

In great detail, it describes why and how this primal instinct is important in making a committed romantic relationship work.

These factors legitimize the book even further.

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James Bauer declines the notion that this knowledge is an easy way to maintain a committed relationship. Instead, he reasserts it as the bridge to your man’s most inner parts.

That he wants to feel like your daily hero. He wants to feel desired, needed and wanted.

Quite unexpectedly, the book is a form of compromise that establishes a middle ground for yours and his desires in a long-term loving relationship.

His being the need to be a hero. Yours being the need for a committed relationship.

Last on the list of features is the book’s availability in different formats.

“His Secret Obsession” is an audiobook and an eBook. Given the COVID-19 logistics problem, potential users do not have to wait for the physical copy.

Realistically so, you can easily order the book from the official website to download. Then you can dive in immediately or listen to the calm audiobook on the go.

Target Audience

In a direct manner, the target audience for the book is the woman struggling with and in need of a committed relationship with a cishet man.

It offers male behavioural focused explanations for three common relationship problems identified.

First, why men appear less invested in the relationship as time progresses.

Second, why men, despite numerous encouraging signs at the beginning of the relationship, are unable to commit in the longer term.

And third, why men may avoid talking and/or pull away from their wives or girlfriends.

The book then explains the steps briefly and clearly so that they are easy to follow in a sequential fashion.

It goes further to provide texts, messages and signals that can be useful in rekindling attention, should a woman suspect a dull or fade in a relationship.

Bauer hails the book for its ability to work in every situation- an ideal that appears purely commercial.

However, what stands out is assurance that the process will create a stronger relationship with your man.

You can grab a copy of His Secret Obsessions here at a discount on their official website.

Disagreeable Concepts

There are a few themes and pointers that are disagreeable.

First, the narrative in the ebook holds that the greatest challenge for a woman in a relationship is to get their man to commit.

While this theme may be true for some, it is not universal.

The book paints heterosexual relationships in one brush, generalizing them, and suggesting tips and hacks that are a one-size-fits-all.

Second, the book inadvertently perpetuates the notion that women should and must be the labourers for a romantic relationship to work.

It requires no tangible effort from the man where it requires the woman to be very mindful of her nature to be able tune to his “biological” Hero Instinct.

These tips guarantee commitment. You would think that this is her reward.

But no; she must continue being on high alert in pampering this instinct to keep the relationship going. Else, she risks losing it all.

The author thoroughly alludes to men’s and women’s psychology, his 12 years’ experience, and research to support the idea of a primal instinct in men that must be harnessed.

At the same time, unfortunately, Bauer reasserts the oppressive place of the woman in heterosexual relationships: the constant labourer.



How does the author explain the hero instinct present in a man?

These are a list of guidelines and steps using which a woman can behave or speak to a man to trigger his hero instinct and enhance his confidence. These steps and guidelines are proven and worked in many men and enhanced their hero instinct and egos.

Does His Secret Obsession work for everybody?

The program provides users with a comprehensive approach to achieving an ideal relationship. Following the strategies, women can understand what their partner needs in the relationship. It also has some steps in which a woman can in-built some characters in their partners and build a lasting relationship.

How does His Secret Obsession explain obsession phrases?

His Secret Obsession eBook contains secret and strong phrases that persuade additive emotions in a male. This makes the man obsessed over the woman completely.

Final Thoughts: His Secret Obsession Review

If you want a stronger connection with your man, that probably leads to forever, then ‘His Secret Obsession’ by James Bauer is the best book for you and your relationship.

But if you are a woman not interested in cishet men, or one who appreciates the duality of commitment in relationships, then you might want to skip this book.

It boldly disregards quick fixes for crumbling relationships, comes with great tips while requiring no change of personality for the woman, and encourages devotion to the process- don’t we all love discipline!

It is also restrictively heteronormative and appears oppressive; see above.

On a scale of one to five, this book gets a three from me.

It is an informative read, one that will leave you feeling like you can figure out any romantic relationship with a man.

But it will also show you that relationships take work and its best if both parties put in the effort. Anyway, men are also as difficult to figure out, aren’t they?

You can grab yourself a copy of His Secret Obsession on their official website here.

Let me know what you think of His Secret Obsession in the comments below.


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