7 Best PLR Sites in 2021 to Grow your Online Business Fast

Are you looking for the best PLR sites and best PLR membership site in 2021 to purchase PLR (Private Label Rights) products such as free PLR software, PLR database, PLR courses, and PLR ebooks?

Starting a website and being able to monetize with different digital products is something almost everyone wishes to do.

However that’s not the hard part.

The most difficult part is being able to actually create digital products that convert highly and are able to make you some decent money online.

And that’s where PLR comes in. PLR products make this process very smooth for all webmasters.

What is the best PLR membership site?

IDPLR is the best PLR membership site. It gives you instant access to over 9200 PLR products that you can resell and keep 100% of the profits. Their PLR content is also regularly updated which will give you a head start over the rest who are using outdated PLR products from sites that are almost never regulated.

Unknown to many people, most of the courses they purchase online from some of the tech and web gurus started with PLR as the base content.


What is PLR (Private Label Rights)?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. It’s basically a license which allows you to edit, rename, and rebrand any or all of the information contained in a product such as an ebook or course as your own. And the best part is that it gives you exclusive rights of ownership to resell a product as your own while keeping 100% of the profits.

Isn’t that awesome.

 It is however important to note that if used wrongly, PLR products can also mark the end of your business especially if you are using PLR Articles on your website.


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How do I use PLR to grow my business?

You can grow your business by reselling PLR products on various marketplaces on the internet such as Fiverr and SEOClerks for a profit.

If you bought a PLR package for as low as $2, you can resell the same package on Fiverr and charge between $5 to $20 for the same products without violating any copyright laws.

I have personally found PLR ebooks to convert more.

However it is entirely up to you to choose the commodity you want to resell.

Isn’t that awesome?

 You can also create lead magnets and ebooks using these PLR products and use them to grow your email list or give them out for free to your customers and website visitors.

 PLR products can be essential in building niche websites if used correctly.

learn affiliate marketing

Creating content for a website can be quite difficult for any blog owner and PLR articles can always be a life saver if used well.

You don’t want to just copy and paste PLR articles you bought online into your website without modifying them as this will most likely hurt your business than help it grow.

Majority of these private label rights articles have been bought by thousands of others online and may already appear in millions of other websites on the web.

This will lead to your website losing rankings on google and other search engines.

It may also become increasingly difficult for you to monetize your website for Google AdSense or other Ad Exchange Networks due to scrapped content.

However you can avoid being penalized for scrapped content by buying your PLR products from IDPLR and PLR.me.

I have personally found IDPLR to be the best PLR membership site for all kinds of PLR products.

PLR.me  is also one of  the best PLR websites for purchasing PLR articles. This is ONLY for PLR articles.

What makes PLR.me stand out among all the best PLR websites is the frequency at which its PLR products are updated.

Pro Tip: As you make a decision about the best PLR website to join, take into consideration how frequently content is updated on the PLR site.

Some of the PLR membership sites I have used in the past were almost dead with no regular updates to the PLR products on the site.

Some of the other PLR membership sites were either undergoing construction or having extremely thin content that did not meet any minimum standard for high quality content.

PLR.me  offers PLR products that are very fresh and current.

It also offers a guarantee to its VIP members that its unique and high quality PLR database is available only for a limited number of downloads.

Once the articles hit the download limit set, they are taken down and fresh new content is uploaded to replace them.

This will ensure you don’t get penalized by Google for scrapped content and it will also be easier for you to get monetized by Adsense.

All the PLR sites I have reviewed below are really great and they are websites that I have used personally to grow my online businesses. 

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Now that we have looked at some of the benefits of using PLR products, let’s look at some of the best PLR Membership Websites.

I have done my research and come up with the best PLR companies on the internet right now.

I have personally used some of the PLR websites I will be reviewing and found them to have the best PLR products in 2021.

Let’s dive right in and review the best PLR sites in 2021.

1. IDPLR.com


IDPLR is without doubt the best free private label rights membership site out there on the internet.

Founded in 2008, IDPLR is the internet’s largest PLR membership site with over 76,000 members.

It comes with both free membership and paid membership.

It is my number one recommendation among the best PLR websites.

With paid membership you will have unlimited access to their vast database of profits ranging from PLR ebooks, e-courses, and videos to software.

If you opt for the free membership, you will have limited access to their products. It is still a good plan as you will have some access to very highly converting products on the market.

make extra money online

With the free membership you will get two free downloads of any products in any product categories.

The paid membership plan includes a 3 months plan, 1 year plan and a lifetime plan.

The lifetime paid plan comes at a cost of only $89 granting you unlimited access to their PLR database for the rest of your life.

This is a one-time payment and you will never be charged again. This is a small price to pay considering the amount of products worth thousands of dollars on the open market you will have access to.

The IDPLR pricing is very affordable and charges quite cheaply for its premium PLR products.

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For the 3 months membership plan you will part with only $39 and $69 for the 1 year plan

The lifetime plan also includes some very attractive bonuses.

IDPLR.com has PLR products in almost all niches.

Having used them for most of the products I used to build this blog, I can say most of their products are high quality. If you are in need of high quality PLR products but you’re having a very tight budget then I recommend IDPLR.com

Some of their products include;

a.       PLR ebooks

b.       Courses

c.       Private label Rights Articles

d.       Free PLR Software

e.       Videos

f.        Graphics

g.       Templates


All these PLR products cover various niches from Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Health and Fitness, Personal Development and Self-Help, to Business and Finance among other industry niches.

You can browse through the vast number of PLR products and choose the best PLR product to grow your business.

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All the products come with Private Label Rights (PLR), Basic Reseller Rights (RR), Master Resell Rights (MRR) and Personal Use Only Licenses.

As a Gold member you will be entitled to some bonuses such as 10 GB of web hosting, 3D eCover creator, 200k PLR articles, WP sales copy and PLR training.

From my experience I would give their products a 8.9 rating out of 10.

You can sign up for a free IDPLR account  here.

2. PLR.me

best plr sites

If you still wondering where to find the best PLR products then you should try PLR.me.

Founded in 2008, PLR.me has been featured by big name brands such as Entrepreneur, Toronto Sun and AM770.


So you can be certain that PLR.me is one of the best PLR sites that is trusted by millions of people around the world.

PLR.me offers various PLR products including PLR ebooks, PLR bonuses and PLR videos with resell rights and free PLR graphics among its vast ocean of the best quality PLR.

You can download some of their free PLR content here

Unlike other PLR membership sites which only offer a monthly or annual membership plan, PLR.me also allows users to pay for each download of their value –packed PLR products.

This helps cater for those individuals who are not looking to join a PLR membership site but would like to make a one-time payment for one or two PLR products.

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Their payment plans come in 5 variants;

Pay as you go plan-$22/month

100 Monthly plan-$99/month

400 Annual plan-$299/month

800 Annual Plan-$499/month

2500 Annual Plan_$990/month


It offers some of the best quality PLR products. If you are looking for quality over quantity then this is the best PLR website for you.

You don’t require to pay for membership if you are looking to purchase 1-2 products.

You get access to 13 useful marketing tools on offer.

PLR.me also has an advanced search option and easy navigation which enhances user experience while using the PLR membership site.

It also has a responsive and fast customer support to help you out with any customer related issues and inquiries.


PLR.me works on a credit system as opposed to a direct cash payment system.

Fortunately for you, PLR.me is offering 50% Bonus Credits for Internet Pearl readers. This offer is exclusive to Internet Pearl readers and is not available publicly on the site anywhere.

Use my PROMO code BRUNO10 to activate the offer.

You can also download Up To 10 FREE Brandable Coaching Resources such as beautiful ready-to-use coaching handouts, products, marketing materials, and content for your coaching business.

The standard free account is just 2 credits/mo (no 10 credit bonus)… so it’s a much better deal for you.

3. Master Resell Rights


This is without doubt one of the best PLR websites I have used.

The PLR membership sites, founded in 2006 gives you access to over 8800 PLR products including PLR ebooks, free PLR graphics, PLR bonuses and PLR videos with resell rights.

All these PLR products come with PLR and MRR licenses which allows you to resell or use the products in whatever way you want.


Master Resell Rights is one of the few PLR websites I have used that offers a hosting account as part of your membership perks.

The PLR membership site is also regularly updated with daily additions of PLR, MRR and RR products.

As a member, you also get exclusive member products from the Master Resell Rights which I guarantee you won’t find anywhere else.

You also get instant access to over 10,000 PLR articles, PLR ebooks, software, online course videos, value –packed articles as soon as you become a member.


It offers 8GB of hosting space which when compared to that of IndigitalWorks is a little bit below standard.

That goes without saying Master Reseller Right is one of the best PLR sites that offers hosting as a perk for its membership.

The platform’s membership works on a recurring transaction basis which means money will be debited from your card until you cancel it.

This might not be a suitable transaction for some individuals.

You can download some of their PLR products here.


4. PLR Assasin


PLR Assasin is one of my favourite PLR membership sites.

It is one of the few best PLR sites in 2020 that also doubles as a very popular PLR video membership site.

 What makes PLR Assasin stand out among the best PLR websites is its high quality and frequently updated new PLR products.

Their PLR products are very fresh and current.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: A long time passed since I wrote this review, and I nolonger recommend PLR Assasin anymore since there are much better PLR sites for you to choose from. To find the best PLR products  check out IDPLR or PLR.me.

It also offers a guarantee to its VIP members that its unique and high quality PLR database is available only for a limited number of download.

Once the articles hit the download limit set, they are taken down and fresh new content is uploaded to replace them.


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This ensures that the platform offers its customers the very best of current and updated content.

As a result of setting a set download limit for content, especially articles, you can be sure that you won’t be buying PLR products that are already over circulated on the internet.

Some of the unique perks of using PLR Assasin include;

  •         You can have access to a lifetime free area on sign up
  •         Fresh and unique quality PLR products that are regularly updated so you won’t be buying old items.
  •         It also comes with a free membership plan that allows you access to thousands of PLR Articles and PLR ebooks for life.

With a Gold membership plan you will receive daily updates of PLR (Private Label Rights) and MRR (Master Reseller Rights) products being added to the platform’s PLR database.

It also has an exclusive paid members only forum where you can discuss and engage with other members on how to use MRR and PLR products to grow your business.

As a member of PLR Assasin you will also get access to the best collection of PLR videos as well.

 As an affiliate marketer or newbie to internet marketing you will find the resources at PLR Assasin very helpful in building your online business.

Get started with PLR Assasin today!

5. IndigitalWorks


IndigitalWorks tops the list of the best PLR sites in 2021. Founded in 2008, the free PLR website has grown to over 100,000 members.

Unlike most PLR membership sites, IndigitalWorks regularly updates its content to ensure it’s current and relevant to its members.

The platform comes with three membership plans.

For a small fee of $39, you will get 3 months access to their incredible PLR products.

The year long membership plan costs only $69 and the lifetime plan comes at a price of only $79.

You can sign up for a free IndigitalWorks account here.




Fiverr is one of the most popular online marketplaces and best PLR websites in 2020 for digital products on the internet right now with thousands if not millions of people transacting on the platform.

It also doubles as one of the best PLR membership sites where you can purchase some of the best PLR products.

The platform basically connects businesses and individuals alike with freelancers’ offering different services.

It is the best place to outsource some of your tasks if you don’t have much time on your hands.

It can also be a great place to purchase PLR products in all niches such as internet marketing, graphic and design to writing and translation.

What sets Fiverr apart among the vast ocean of PLR membership sites is its incredible low prices.

Though there is a lot of chatter on the internet about whether buying services on Fiverr is worth it or not.

I am however  a big fan of Fiverr since I have used it on numerous occasions to outsource some of my work form writing blog articles such as this very piece you are reading to PLR products like private label rights ebooks that I have used to build  my email list to 5000 subscribed members within just 3 months.


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All the products come with Private Label Rights (PLR), Basic Reseller Rights (RR), Master Resell Rights (MRR) and Personal Use Only Licenses.


The basic gig goes for as low as $5 which is the price standard for most gigs on Fiverr.

If you are looking to purchase high quality PLR products at a low price, I definitely recommend this Fiverr Seller.

I have personally used his services in the past and found them worth my time and money.

He is very responsive with good communication skills and delivers on time.

You can sign up for a free Fiverr account here.



This is another leading PLR membership site with a variety of PLR products such as lead magnets, brandable courses, PLR ebooks and PLR courses among others.

BuyQualityPLR.com stands out of the many PLR membership sites due to its unique quality PLR categories such as PLR funnels and brandable coaching courses which you won’t find elsewhere.

Their products are regularly updated to ensure that their customers get relevant items that they can use to grow their businesses and sell on other platforms.

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Besides offering multiple discounts for their customers, BuyQualityPLR.com also offers free training and coaching for their customers who may not know how to use PLR products to grow their businesses.

This is something I found quite intriguing since not many PLR membership sites offer their customers free training to learn how to use these PLR products to grow their businesses.

Some of the commodities include PLR eBooks, free PLR Video Courses, free PLR Software, Audio Courses, Private Label Rights Article Packs, Articles and Niche Keyword lists among others.

The overall quality of products is good. The platform does not offer a preview of the products but you get a pretty good description to give you a clue of what the item you are purchasing is all about.



All the products come with Private Label Rights (PLR), Basic Reseller Rights (RR), Master Resell Rights (MRR) and Personal Use Only Licenses.


The PLR eBooks are priced  between $3.99 to  $17.99,brandable coaching courses  are at  $97,articles pack (10pcs) are between  $3.99 to $6.99,Videos  are priced between $9.99 to $27 and newsletters are between $4.99 to $6.99.

Conclusion: 7 Best PLR Sites in 2021

Did you find this guide helpful?

Are you using PLR products to grow your business?

Let me know in the comments below.

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