15 Best Gifts Under $20 on Amazon That Your Friends and Family Will Actually Want

There are a bunch of holidays around the corner every other day and most of us find ourselves doing that last minute gifting as much as we try not to.

Only because we take so long to think of the perfect gift for our friends, significant others, relatives.

As the pandemic affects the whole world, most people prefer to order things online and there is no better place to find inspiration for gifts than here.

A gift doesn’t have to be expensive and from experience, I dare say it is always the simplest things that are deemed thoughtful.

The following is a list of extremely specific amazon gifts that go for $20 and under.


Best Gifts Under $20 on Amazon

1.Whaline Hair Scrunchie

$6 at Amazon

You have a girl friend who loves the aesthetic things in life or who still wants to top that VSCO look among her friends, then this is a start.

A pack of multicolored velvet scrunchies will most definitely help her score some points and flaunt successfully on instagram.


2.Willbond Store Mini Butterfly Hair Clips

$10 at Amazon

They are in a pack of 24 pieces.

These butterfly clips are one of the many 90’s accessories that teenage girls list as the things they would want to receive as a gift. Ask around. I mean, I have.  They are beautifully packed, and look even more exquisite on your hair.


3.Urbana Exfoliating Gloves

$5 at Amazon

They are for shower, bath, and cleansing and can be a thoughtful gift that appeals to your friend’s or partner’s obsession for skin care.

Urbana exfoliating gloves will apparently leave your skin “baby soft” and refreshed.


4.Moleskine Cahier Softcover Journal

$8 at Amazon

This is perfect when you have a best friend or mom who likes to write everything down so you can stop trying so hard to find something else that meets their interests and grab yourself this. You can never go wrong with this amazon journal.


Better yet, it comes in a set of three! And yes, the $8 dollars covers all three of them so you can always gift two more or keep one for yourself.


5.Every Man Jack Fragrance-Free Face Lotion

$6 at Amazon

For your man who has probably never moisturized.

And if he has, he could always use a backup or try a different brand which is an introduction to moisturizing that is free of fragrance, with aloe for extra post-shave hydration.


6.KEAKUO Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

$8 at Amazon

I could use a pair considering how much time I spend staring at a screen.

These blue-light blocking glasses will help you sleep better after a day of staring at a screen and avoid eye aches and headaches that result from the screen light.

This pair also has over 4,300 five-star reviews!


7.NLCAC Beaded Tassel Earrings

$10 at Amazon

If she loves fancy Susan Alexandra brands but your budget does not, these gorgeous earrings can be a cute option.

Get them for your sister or that girl friend who loves to look good.


8.Silicone Avocado AirPods Case

$7 at Amazon

Every other college student has AirPods or at least dreams of having a pair which could serve as a gift too.

For anyone with an added sense of humor and AirPods and probably an obsession with avocadoes, this cute, avocado-shaped case will work just fine.

It will help keep track of your AirPods and also serve as a keychain.


9.Cosrx Acne Pimple Master

$4 at Amazon

Conquer any zit, large or small with the acne pimple master. Again, for that teenage girl who freaks out when she sees a zit on her face.

It covers pimples in hydrocolloid dressing and absorbs oils and pus for a fast healing process without leaving black spots.

Better than Photoshop! They blend so well with your skin so much that no one will notice you having them on at work.


 10.Collagen Hair Mask

$7 at Amazon

Anyone trying to grow out their hair will love this conditioner.

It repairs damaged hair of all textures and better yet, it will add luster and softness to your hair leaving you looking like a hair goddess the more you use it.


11. Massage Ball

$6 at Amazon

You will probably end up thinking that you are really good at massages but it is this ball.

It is small enough to fit in your hands and give anyone a phenomenal massage without pain. Massage balls in amazon are available in blue, pink, purple and green.

A perfect gift for that friend who can’t seem to give a good massage to her tired husband.


 12.Wooden Phone Dock

$8 at Amazon

It holds your phone for you in case you have a lot going on with your hands while adding a classy upgrade to your desk set up in your office or at home.

This wooden phone dock is available in black walnut and white birch, both irresistible colors.


13. Card-holding Hedgehog

$8 at Amazon

You probably gift it to your best friend for its cuteness but soon find out just how much it can be helpful especially around a busy desk.

It will clean up your desk real good once you have all those mini notes and business cards in one place and constantly rely on it for easy-access info.

Amazon presents them in other designs too like armadillo and turtle designs, each in six different colors.


 14.Photo Mobile

$9 at Amazon

Once you see it, you will love it. As much as it looks like another house accessory, it is also a way to show off your favorite memories or inspiration clippings.

It will look like a beautiful chaos while also looking orderly.

There is literally no assembly required which is a relief to most and you can even have other ornaments like Christmas ones hanging from it.


 15.12-piece stencil kit

$5 at Amazon

The perfect gift for someone who is dipping toes into the world of bullet journaling.

The plastic is thin enough to be flexible but just enough to not distort while you are tracing. The stencils are also the right weight and will give you no problem at all using them in any way.

Great prices and great reviews should get you choosing something thoughtful, inexpensive for your person this season.





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