11 Best Author Bio Box Plugins For WordPress to Add Author Bio

What are the best author bio box plugins for WordPress?

This is a question I get alot from various people on my website.

It is within our human nature to desire creating connections.

This is not different for people visiting websites online every day. We all love to connect with other people and get to know more about each other. And that’s why you need the best author bio box plugins for WordPress.

And it is for this reason that many popular websites today will have an author bio after every post.

This can only be achieved using one of the best author bio box plugins for WordPress.

This way a reader can learn more about the writer. It will also help to drive website visitors to a writer’s social media channels and be able to associate content on a website with an actual person.

Adding an author bio will not only help you get more subscribers to your website but also build your brand.

Author bios also help build trust among your readers who can later turn into raving fans of your website as they can associate an actual person with the content on a website.

It will also attract more guest post contributors to your website since they are guaranteed credit for their work via the author box.

In this blog post, I will be sharing some of the 11 best author bio box plugins for WordPress.

1.Simple Author Box –Best Author Bio Box Plugin for WordPress

This is my number one recommendation for anyone looking for a great author bio box plugin for their website.

It is a light weight and fully responsive author bio that will add a beautiful author box at the end of your blog posts.

It is without doubt the best author box plugin for WordPress to add author bio.

Simple Author Box displays the author name, description and links to various social media accounts.

It is also fully customizable as you can choose colors, fonts, style and author photo style from the plugin settings.

You can also hide the author box if the description is empty.

The plugin also supports RTL languages.

The plugin will by default show the author bio box in posts but you can actually place the author box in different parts of your website as well by making some changes in the plugin settings.

One of the many things I personally love about this plugin is its simplicity.

Just as the name suggest, Simple Author Box makes the whole process of creating an author bio box as simple as possible.

Once you download and install the plugin, you can play around with the settings and try out different options till you find one that works best for you.

It comes with box a free and paid version. The paid version goes for only $29.

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If you feel the Simple Author Box doesn’t work for you, check out the other author bio box plugins I have mentioned below.

As a blogger, I have found the Simple Author Box to be a great option for anyone from beginner to advanced site owners.

Download Plugin

2.WP About Author

This is another one of the best author bio box plugins for WordPress.

It is fully customizable since it also allows users to choose author photo, style, colours and add social media profiles as well.

It even lets users display the author bio box on different pages of the website such as the archives, front page and in RSS feeds.

The plugin also works well with the Simple Local Avatars Plugin.

Download Plugin

3.Meks Smart Author Widget

For those that are totally in love with widgets, you’ll definitely love this author box plugin.

The Meks Smart Author Widget is a simple author bio box plugin that makes use of a custom widget to display author information.

Once activated, you can find a new widget “Meks Smart Author” by going to Appearance > Widgets page.

You can then customize it to your preference. The plugin will automatically replace the widget title with the author name.

One of the fascinating things about this plugin is its auto author detection feature.

This feature enables the feature to automatically display the author information from the profile section of WordPress.

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You can customize it to your preference by selecting avatar size, author name and description.

It also allows users to display links to all posts by the author and link the author name and avatar.

For advanced users, you also have the option to apply custom CSS styles to make your author box unique and beautiful.

The author bio box plugin is completely free.

Download Meks Smart Author Widget Plugin

4.Author Box Ultimate

This is one of the few author bio box plugins that come with multiple predefined themes with different background images.

This allows you to experiment with the various styles and combinations to see what works best for your website.

Unlike other bio box plugins that by default show the author box after posts once activated, the Author Box Ultimate is quite different.

You will need to click on the Content tab in the plugin’s settings page and enable it for posts and pages.

If you don’t do this, you might not see the author box appearing anywhere on your website after activation.

Download Author Box Ultimate

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5.Fancier Author Box

Unlike other author bio box plugins that only show author name, description and social media profiles, the Fancier Author box also displays the latest post by the author as a separate tab.

It remains one of my favorites among the best author bio box plugins for WordPress.

It currently has over 10,000 active installs on WordPress and that shows just how popular the author bio box plugin is.

It also allows users to disable the author bio box on user profiles. This feature gives authors full control of the author box since they can easily turn off the author box section on any posts.

This feature can come in handy especially for websites that run sponsored posts.

It also integrates 13 major social networks and includes avatars.

The Fancier Author Box is free but also has a premium version known as the Fanciest Author Box.

The premium version only costs $17 with lifetime updates.

Download Fancier Author Box

6.Co-Author Plus

This author bio box plugin is the best author bio box for WordPress websites and blogs with multiple authors.

It is possible to find a blog post that has multiple authors who contributed to its writing.

It can be difficult to credit all the authors when using the other author bio box plugins discussed.

However, with Co-Author Plus plugin, you can actually credit multiple authors that contributed to a single blog post.

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The only downside to it is that you can’t add an author info box.

For you to display multiple authors with their own author info boxes, you will need to modify your theme files and Co-Author Plus templates tags.

So if you are running a blog or magazine site that has various authors and contributors writing bog posts, this is the best author bio box plugin for you.

You can also check out this detailed guide on how to credit multiple authors in WordPress.

Download Co-Author Plus Plugins



This is one of the few author bio box plugins that come with a number of design templates.

It comes with 10 design templates and 12 social media profile integrations.

Author also offers customization with different style, colours and fonts.

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One of the unique features of the plugin is its ability to offer Short codes for users to add author profiles in different combinations and locations with ease.

Download Author


8.Molongui Authorship

If you are looking for a responsive yet simple author bio box plugin with support for various languages then Molongui Authorship is the best author bio box plugin for WordPress that you can use.

The plugin is available in English, Spanish and Arabic languages.

This will allow you to reach a wider audience.

The basic version of the author bio box plugin has a few customization limitations but your overall experience should be great.

Download Molongui Authorship

9.WP Author Info

This is a great plugin for displaying author info on a website.

It is fully responsive and comes with different customization options such as styles, colours and fonts.

It also supports use of widgets and shortcodes for displaying the author box in different parts of the website.

The plugin also comes with various themes that you can choose from to suit your needs and match the design of your website.

Download WP Author Info

10.WP Author Box Lite

If you are looking for a clean and responsive design then Author Box lite is the perfect plugin for you.

It not only allows you to add author information and social media icons but also displays the latest posts by the author on the author box.

This feature will help increase user engagement on your posts and also reduce bounce rate.

It also allows full customization such as colours, fonts and different styles.

Download WP Author Box Lite


11.Individual Multisite Author

This is the best author box plugin for multilingual sites.

It allows full customization such as fonts, colours and styles.

And one of the unique features is the ability to add author bio info for each user on a per blog basis.

Download Individual Multisite Author Plugin


Author bio box plugins are a great way to keep readers on your website engaged and also help to build trust between website owners and their readers.

I hope you found the 11 Best Author Bio Box Plugins for WordPress useful.

Is there any author bio box plugin I left out that you would like added?

Are you using any of these WordPress plugins on your website? If yes share your experience with us in the comments below

Have you found this blog post helpful?

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