32 Airtel Uganda Short codes to remember

Are you wondering how you can check your Airtel number in Uganda but have no idea what Airtel Uganda short codes to use?

Or perhaps you have been struggling to get airtime or data on credit.

Thanks to short codes, getting to perform certain functions on your phone is much easier than you know.

With the use of Airtel Uganda short codes, Airtel Uganda subscribers can now be able to check their data balances, top up airtime on their cellphones among many other things.

For instances, if you are looking for how to check data balance on Airtel Uganda, you can simply dial the shortcode *175*4# and you will be able to see your current data balance.

The telecom regulator in Uganda, UCC has been trying to enforce the standardization of most USSD short codes in the country.

These shortcodes are very useful when it comes to accessing various services offered by telecom companies such as loading airtime, sending text messages, contacting customer support among others.

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What is USSD?

USSD is an acronym that stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.

It is basically a cellular network communication technology that is used when sending text between a mobile phone and a specific application in the market.

In a simple layman’s language, these codes such as Airtel short codes help mobile telecom subscribers to perform basic operations such as topping up their airtime balance.

The truth is trying to memorize all these Airtel Uganda short codes is almost an impossible task.

It is for this reason that I have compiled these 32 useful Airtel Uganda short codes such that you can always have a reference in case you need to make use of any of them.

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Full list of 32 Useful Airtel Uganda USSD Short codes

Service Name To access dial
Customer care toll free helpline *100#
Airtel Money helpline *185#
Data helpline *175#
Voice bundles e.g. Pakalast *149#
Data bundles e.g. WTF *175#
SMS Bundles *180#
All products and services *100#
Balance check *131#
Airtel money *185#
Airtel zone *135#
International calling bundles *146#
Corporate mega bonus *188#
Hello tunes *157#
Beerako advanced credit *155#
Data Beerako *143#
Loyalty program *141#
Check simcard registration status *197#
Airtel Football *154#
Airtel games club *172#
Blackberry *145#
Check bonus minutes *170#
DND to stop SMS notifications *196#
Postpaid usage *144#
know your number *120#
Voice mail service *121#
Missed call alert *100*11*7#
One and only service *100*11*2#
Call me back *100*11*3*2#
Loading airtime *130*voucher number#
One network airtime loading 138*airtime pin
Balance share / Me2u *166*amount*number to receive#
Load badly scratched airtime card *100*11*6* enter 7 digit visible pin number you scratched

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