Spectacular WordPress Polls to Gain New Customers in 2021

Did you know that WPForms now comes with Surveys and Polls addons that you can download?

You can create polls and interactive surveys on your WordPress site with WPForms drag and drop form builder.

This feature is arguably the best WordPress survey and polls plugin you can find anywhere. It comes with premium-class reporting that makes results more visual and helps you boost your business with data-driven decisions.

With the new WordPress polls, you can create detailed surveys with drag and drop mechanisms, and you wouldn’t need to display third-party brands on your site or pay expensive subscription fees.


Exciting features of the WP polls and survey

1. Apt Survey Fields

Many WordPress forms plugins comes with complicated survey fields that make it hard for users to operate, but WP Polls fully integrates the survey features into the existing form fields.

What this means is that you can change an existing form into a survey form with one click. You no longer need to use a ‘Survey Radio Button’ field on a form.


Once you enable the poll or survey option, all the form fields will change to smart survey fields that include rating fields, text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and dropdown fields.

A new Likert Scale field is also an addition because it is vital for many surveys.


2. Leading and Superior Survey Reports

Many changes have been made over time to make WPForms survey reports better than all other available options. Let’s get to the details

  • Attractive and Customizable Visual reports 

The insight feature creates an aesthetically pleasing visual report in real-time based on the type of question. You can also change the visuals to suit your taste.



  • Retroactive Survey Feature for Older Forms

One added feature to the new smart survey fields is the setting that allows you to enable retroactive survey reports on older forms. All you need to do is set up Survey Reporting on any existing form in the settings tab.

This feature saves you from asking your users the same question again.

forms for polls


  • Real-time Report for Polls

Users can see poll results immediately after submitting a form once you use WPForm’s real-time polls report. You can also place your polls inside your pages, posts, or any part of your WordPress site.



  • Export / Share Feature for Individual Charts

You can now share and export an entire survey report or individual charts as JPG or PDF, and it takes a simple click, making it possible to use on your blogs, social media, or for presentations.

image form



  • Beautiful and Customizable Print Styles

The WPForms survey addon comes with attractive print styles in case you want to print your survey reports. You can further customize the survey report and change the visuals for specific questions or sections.

wpforms polls


  • Outstanding Survey Logic

You can now personalize survey questions using conditional logic to match a user’s previous answer. This feature gives your respondents a better and more engaging process while offering you the best data to make your decisions.

You can also make the order of items in your multiple question fields random to avoid bias.

To achieve this, enable Randomize option on the Advanced Options tab.

advanced tab


4. New Form Templates

Apart from the survey and polls addon, WPForms added two new form templates for creating a quick survey or poll form. For a pioneer of form templates in the industry, you can expect these form templates to be creative.

survey form


Check out the new WPForms surveys and polls addon and enjoy a world of features that only WPForms can give you.

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