How to Use WhatsApp dark mode in 5 easy steps

Did you know that WhatsApp dark mode is finally out for Android, iPhone and desktop? Do you know how to use WhatsApp dark mode?

What is WhatsApp dark mode?

WhatsApp dark mode is a new feature by the tech giant WhatsApp which changes the colors of the popular messaging app from the common white and green colours to more subtle shades of black and gray.

The dark mode on WhatsApp produces less glare at night and makes WhatsApp more comfortable to use in low light or dim lighting conditions.


What are the pros of using WhatsApp dark mode?

Using WhatsApp dark mode will not only improve your device’s battery life especially if your device has an AMOLED display but also allow you use WhatsApp more comfortably even in poor lighting conditions.

Experts insist that using darker screens consume less power. So you might be saved from the burden of plugging in your device every now and then. Cool right?

It will also bring a fresh look and feel to your WhatsApp experience especially if you get easily bored by the too usual same white interfaces.

Dark mode will be good for a change.

According to recently discovered resources in the beta version of WhatsApp, the developers of the dark mode may be making a few modifications to the recently rolled out dark mode such as adjusting the colours of the text bubbles to improve its contrast against the black background commonly used in the social network application.

So you can expect more changes to the WhatsApp dark mode in the near future.


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So how do I use the dark theme?

Setting up WhatsApp dark mode for any device is a very simple and straightforward process.


How to use WhatsApp dark mode for Android.

Dark mode for Android is quite easy to set up.

Simply follow these steps,

  • Open the WhatsApp menu
  • Then tap the “Setting” button
  • Head over to “Chats” and tap it.
  • Click on “Theme”
  • Finally choose “Dark”

It’s as simple as that. You just set up dark mode for android.

I however recommend that you choose “system default” while configuring dark mode so that WhatsApp can adopt your phones system wide color scheme automatically.

How to Activate dark mode for iPhone.

The process for activating  dark mode for iPhone is pretty much the same as that for Android.

However, iPhone users might want to first update to the latest version of WhatsApp before proceeding.

To use dark mode for iPhone simply follow these steps;

  • Open the WhatsApp app for iPhone menu.
  • Tap “Settings.”
  • Then click on the “Chats” button.
  • Tap “Theme”
  • Then finally click on “Dark”

Done! You just activated dark mode for the iPhone.


WhatsApp dark theme for desktop.

The  dark theme for desktop isn’t fully finished at the time of writing this so it might not be fully functional at the moment.

We shall be updating you once it’s fully rolled out for desktop as well.

It wasn’t available for testing at the time the dark mode for iPhone and Android was released.

However if you are interested in recreating the same effects as seen in Android and iPhone, you can use a free plugin called Stylus.

It works well for Firefox and Chrome.

The free plugin lets you create custom style sheets for sites.

Vednoc, an internet user has also come up with a unique dark style sheet that you can use with WhatsApp web.

It is not the official version but works just the same.

The style sheet is free and you can download it here for your personal use.

Dark mode for desktop just came out. See our detailed guide on how to enable dark mode for desktop


Conclusion: How to use WhatsApp Dark Mode

Have you tried using dark mode yet?

What has been your experience using the dark theme on WhatsApp?

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